Jack got some hotfixes today

[QUOTE]January 13, 2015 Hot Fixes

– Jack’s “Winning” skill will now provide the appropriate amount of shield restore when increased by a class mod.
– The Doppelganger’s Projection class mod will now provide the correct gun damage bonus.
– The Doppelganger will now get the appropriate amount of free grenades while airborne with a Bomber Oz kit equipped.[/QUOTE]


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Yay! Free grenades work

With the fix to ‘Winning’, which skill would be better - ‘Winning’ or ‘Delegation’ (can only have one or the other).

Depends all on how your playing, are you relying on digideath novas, or would you prefer more shield regen?

I’ll be taking both, now that winning is fixed

EDIT: To clarify is winning meant to restore shields on each kill or restore each time the kill skill reactivates? Which would only be a 7(?) second wait between recharges, so still good, but situational

They only fixed that it gets the right amount of shield back if its boosted over 5/5, not the part where it doesn’t reset if you get a kill while your kill skills are still active.

Ahh well, still it makes my class mod more useful now, a reliable shield boost every few seconds is still good

Looks like I will stick with ‘Delegation’ unless they fix ‘Winning’ to proc on each kill. With Digi-jacks out, enemies target them a lot anyway and ‘Winning’ would only be more useful when they were down if it worked properly (or maybe it does work as intended?)

Winning procing with every kill would be sweet with Amp.

The bomber oz kit still doesnt work dang it