Jack in new dlc

how does jack handle new clappy final boss

With ease if it has a critspot Jack is the best at killing it

Depends on setup, gear. Apparently, mine is not well suited for boss fighting. Yeah, yeah, I know, I’ve killed every other boss faster with Jack the Doppelganger, than with any other character in TPS, so I MUST be smokin’ something, right?

As the one-hour mark in this fight approached, I quit and reset UVHM. New boss is horse puckey. Just WAY too much health, is all. He’s actually easy, other than that, and the arena for the fight is pretty cool. THAT much was well done.

I’ve done this fight as 3 characters now, and I think jack did relatively well. It’s still a long fight, though. It is on every character.

Not even close to Athena, even if you are one of those people who thinks you need to grind Money is Power. But he’s definately second best. Just get a shock/corrosive weapon and pound the crit spot. Digijacks take care of survivability by providing heals, second winds, aggro draw and extra handsomeness.

  • Extra thing. Get a yellow Glitched gattling gun/jakobs shotgun/two-fer pepperbox. get 11/5 in absolute advantege, and 5/5 in marginal benefit. use at same time on EOS. pick up loot.

marginal benefit (grenade reloading) lets you use glitch guns for ages.