Jack is the shnit

i usually play on ps3 but i started a jack on xboxone because well it’s free. it’s crazy playing a fresh playthrough with no gear, forget the grinder. I’m having so much fun using scav smgs, old hyperion, junk lasers. celestial mod makes them shine. stuff i’ve never even tried. and that CEO mod, wow. mobbing with torgue barrel shotguns. i just started UVhm. i was level 55 after DLC and a lot of mutator arena fun at nine cakes (skin farming i guess). all my gear was 50. wasted iwajira. wasted deadlift. got to redbelly at 58 and used blue rarity picked up gear. this guy can make any piece of gear shine


oh and i finally understand why everyone loves that pea shooter called the Anarchist! finished the Dahl training grounds with one, sponsored by shock maliwan/Jakobs. not sure which was better, doesn’t even matter when you crit. crit=dead. with Company Man. didn’t even use my clones to activate kill skills

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Yes he is so OP, so well balanced between power and survibility.
I’m currently leveling him and Aurelia up in parallel, what a difference, in particular against bosses…
Having said that, Aurelia is funnier to play. Love her too!

i have an Aurelia at 7 just got to concordia. funny for sure. my badass rank is gonna be high by the time i start playing on her. i’ve heard she sucks against bosses but the bosses in this game are so easy i’m sure she’ll do alright. will have to update on that one

Yes, looking forward to the update :wink: Be honest :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol!

There’s nothing like it. A green elemental Anarchist beats most (other) pistols up through purple. I mule-save them even in blue. In Jack’s hands, with a Celestial mod, damn.

Jack is for sure my favorite character. The digi-jacks can be manipulated for best effect and coverage so well. Keep them up while killing, put them away when done, or health takes a big hit (for fast regen). Then bring them back out in short order. This ping-pong usage makes Jack nearly indestructible even with shields you want to deplete (like novas, which the Jacks get too).

Yeah, the Anarchist… wow! One of my favorite guns was a very lucky grind result: a perfect parts, purple rarity Anarchist with the shield bypass Luneshine, in cryo, with a Maliwan sight! That was like hitting the lottery. I use that thing a LOT, and it’s crazy fun.

Jack is awesome beyond words.

Yea jack is so damn amazing

Yep. Gotta love that he allows you to play in pretty much any playstyle you want and use practically every gun.