Jack lives? (spoilers)

I watched an interesting video. Also spoilers.

This isn’t a discussion on whether or not I want to see handsome jack in another game, (honestly I don’t… But I wouldn’t be mad if we did)

What he says is essentially that at the end of the video is that’s the end of tps, jack sees the future, not just the vault and the warrior, but Lilith and the map, and likely would be seeing his own death in the process. Jack has multiple body doubles and can teleport. (like when he shows up in control core angel.) this theory basically says that we killed a brainwashed body double at the end of bl2 and not jack.

Jacks AI hologram thing in rhys’ head is sort of irrelevant, it doesn’t mean that Jack is actually dead.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Jack knows of the other vaults, and might be deceiving us through the entirety of bl2 by making us think he’s going after the warrior. Afterall, Hyperion has unlimited resources with digistruct loaders and presumably other machinery and equipment, along with their access to eridium. The bandits are not really a problem for them, yet jack is seemingly hellbent on annihilating them by summoning the warrior. He doesn’t need the warrior to do this, this is evident when he kidnaps Roland, and in the echos we here about how he destroyed new Haven. The only thing he actually needs the warrior for is to fight the vault hunters, or if this theory is correct, keep them distracted while he opens the other vaults. He tricked the original 4 into opening the first vault, then tried to gather up as many vault hunters he could find to blow them up on his train so he wouldn’t have any competition. But why bring your competition to the place you don’t want them? I think brick might be dissapointed if during the events of bl2 and tales jacks been opening up vaults across the galaxy laughing at us. And that certainly fits his character.


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Except Lilith punches him out of the vision thing before he gets to that point.

But that game clearly is based off the premise that Jack is really well and truly dead. And it’s been stated by Gearbox writers that TftB is considered cannon so…

I have nothing against speculation and theorizing, but at this point I would actually be upset if Jack came back. Time to move the story forward - especially given the other Borderlands universe major character deaths racked up to date.


Thank you for moving to thread. Wasn’t sure where to post it. Like I said I would rather we see someone new, and I doubt this is what we are going to see. It was an interesting video that actually made good points on how he could be alive. Normally when I see fan theories like this they arnt so well thought out.

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I wouldn’t mind seeing Jack return in some other capacity than a villain. Optimally, Timothy could return and provide some additional funny Jack moments without having another game focused around him.

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I would love to know where Timothy got to after TPS!


I always thought he just sneaked in while cloaked.


@lammas I hadn’t even considered that a possibility. Even though Hyperion is shown to have that technology…

Also I want to thank everyone for debunking the plausability of this theory. Imo Jack should be and should stay dead.