Jack-o-cannon drop

Yeah… I’m offline and I got a jack-o-cannon to drop from Meg. Is this a rare world drop or a glitch? It was the same time that I also got a fire torrent from her

Its a world drop as is a bunch of other previous shift weapons.

Not Meg specific.

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never was a fan of that gun, its funny how the stuff i don’t like seems to pop up in the machines, and gets dropped more often than the stuff i want. just don’t like the pumpkin grenade launcher style of it. and i’m normally all over anything Torgue.

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i just killed a badass lil’ scav and got one, what is the drop chance for that

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Its around the same chance as getting a regular blue drop.

I found one too and just recently, which was a surprise. I’m pretty sure that I don’t want it.

It was fun to get to drop from UndeadLift during the Halloween event, but it’s really not that great a weapon.

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I’m wondering if anyone had a jack-o’-lantern they could give me pls. I am PlayStation 4 and 3 my PSN is MehrunDaegon. Just send a friend request

Nice Necro! lol

I get them all the time. Farming Eclipse/EOS and Iwa. Iwajira is where I’d suggest you farm…

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Wow I cannot even believe somebody came back after two whole years. Insane :hushed:

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Thread necromancy is officially a Dead End.