Jack of All Trades Krieg Build

First off, this is my first post.

This build is named as such as I have found that it is capable of running a vast array of gear with no ill effect. I’ll have a list of suggested gear that I find works well, but for the most part, it’s finding what works for you.

History: Originally, this build started out as a tanky melee build, and in an effort to make the original build even more durable, it got respecced and this is the end result. Word of warning, this build has not been tested for soloing raid bosses and from experience, I can say that it struggles on digistruct peak above OP6 due to losing stacks while traveling to the next area filled with enemies. This build is relatively durable in general combat and is close to unstoppable once all the stacks are maxed out. It is playable from 72 to Op8 and lower levels with some minor tweaking as you level up.

Skill point distribution link is:

Recommended gear:

Any legendary class mod, pain meat, barbarian or blister class mod.

Butcher: any element

Grenade: shock element recommended for taking down shields.

Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold

Norfleet or Topneaa: used generally as a last resort for getting a second wind.

Depends on the class mod you choose to run, for reaper I find blood of the ancients or heart of the ancients the most useful. For a blister, a stockpile relic is useful, and for sickle a might of the seraphs is the most useful.

Dependant on class mod being used, but most often I find the rough rider to be the best.

Doesn’t really have a particular playstyle, generally I have found it to rely very little on Melee when running a legendary reaper class mod, and moreso use release the beast only as a last resort to prevent falling into FFYL or when you run out of ammo. It’s very versatile in the sense that it can run on a legendary sickle, legendary reaper, legendary torch legendary psycho and slayer of terramorphous and see no reduction in it’s lethality.

Probably will edit or repost this at a later date to make it look nicer as I figure out how to use the forum.


Any reason you did not spec into blood twitch, nervous blood (3 points only) and strip the flesh?

What do you use for slag?


I didn’t spec into blood twitch as I found weapon swap speed to give neglible benefits almost, and I might have nervous blood specced wrong, I was going off of memory. As for strip the flesh, didn’t spec it as I found I hardly used explosive weaponry as my mains. Usually I’m running on a slag butcher, corrosive butcher, double penetrating unkempt harold and a storm front or quasar grenade, with melee as a fall back, but I’ve also respecced occasionally to get more explosive damage. Buzz axe bombardier is used just to give the thrown buzzaxe a bit more oomph.


Usually I’m running a rough rider and legendary reaper with a heart or blood of the ancients and destroying everything using just my grenades and butcher due to the stacks, kill skills and high fire rate and increased magazine size this build gives. As a side note, if you generally play by yourself, the redeem the soul skill point can be utilized elsewhere. I’ve also used a Slag conference call on occasion but prefer a Slag butcher for it’s higher fire rate. The reason I give recommendations for gear is because I’ve actually given this build out to people on Xbox live and very few have actually ended up respeccing from it and they usually find a weapon/class mod/relic/grenade/shield setup that works for their playstyle. Often times I’ll actually be in more of a medic role in the sense that I’ll usually be the last one standing and be reviving others.


Nice, although I’d still take Redeem the Soul- a 50% increase to FFL time is nothing to sneeze at. My current Krieg is running an explosive build so while similar to yours I’ve no points in the Hellborn tree. Again, nice job :smiley: