Jack or Aurelia Elemental?

So, i’ve been driving myself nuts with who to play, Jack or Aurelia.
I have gotten both up only to level 10 or so and have my qualms about them bout and was hoping that anyone who has played them both can help me out.

I love The Baroness’s skill trees and her elemental damage potential. She can dish out cryo, and apply cryo to other elemental gun types. I like to play characters that you can see an array of elemental damage with (Yes, i tried Athena, didn’t care for her).
BUT, i hate that the NPC’s don’t interact with her. They give them generic responses back to what she has to say. I don’t know why, but it takes me out of the game play a little bit, like im a third class citizen (Ironically with this class)
Does it get better?

With Jack, my main question is, does he have any elemental potential? I didn’t seem much in the trees and i am completely lost as to which type of guns to use for him.
Athena had at least shock and fire weapons, Aurelia has cryo and sniper guns, jack…no clue as to what kind of guns to look for.

So if anyone can help me with some of this info, i’d be very greatful.
Sorry for the sloppy format, my CPU is about to die!!


Jack has a a capstone skill called “sponsored by…” in his red skill tree, which takes his elemental game to a whole 'nother level. You can use it to mix-n-match any two elements basically - add shock to your gun to strip shields, add cryo to freeze those chumps, and explode them at the same time, add explosive to cryo to get those massive gains, etc. Wrecks face. It isn’t a whole skill tree like in Aurelia’s case but if ever there was a “game changer”, this is up in the top 4 among all bl games.

Really??! I had no idea that’s what that skill did. Its very confusing at first glance. How does it work exactly?

Whenever you switch weapons, you get a bonus based on what was in your hands previously. For example, switching FROM a jakobs weapon to another gun, gets you the jakobs bonus, which is extra damage. Every manufacturer has a bonus, and yep, you guessed it, Maliwan adds elemental damage! So let me hit you with an example: switching from a cryo maliwan weapon to an explosive assault rifle results in a fast-firing mini-rocket launcher that does extra cryo damage and has a chance to freeze enemies (around 8%). And frozen enemies get that tasty debuff against explosive damage!
Torgue bonus is explosive damage, apply that to your cryo weapons for similar results.
Adding shock damage (by switching from an electric maliwan weapon to something else) is very useful too, shields resist most forms of damage, well, not anymore.

But you don’t have to take my word for it, here’s a big mega-post/guide about just this one skill



Sure do have to try that!

Oh wow, that’s crazy… Its one of those skills you have to wait to be satisfied with. Unlike aurelia, where she’s instantly very powerful right out of the gate. Right now the free enterprise tree is annoying…switching guns needlessly, trying to keep low mags, seems like a lot of maintenance… Unless there are other ways to go in that tree and still be viable

Im so bad with weapon switching.

I almost always forget, especially when i am being mobbed.

My new “keep a decent distance and blast away with SWAB/OLT Too Scoops and throw in SHBP to mop up” technique has been working wonders.

Of course, just get Company Man and Aboslute Advantage. Infinite ammo and a Sniper rifle that looks suspiciously like a Quad are not to be sneezed at.

This, there’s a CEO of all CEOs build that is just a rustler’s quad and 3 maliwan weapons (shock, cryo and corrosive usually) making the quad strip shields off of mini bosses like denial sub routine with almost 0 actual effort, not to mention the 88% chance of not consuming ammo.

Interesting thing to note is the minac’s attonement doesn’t transfer and element at all and the thundefire only gives you the shock, its also worth mentioning that I think the proc rate is linked to the pro chance of the gun you use to “sponsor” your other weapon.

Thanks for the ideas of that, but not a big fan of shotguns.
I’m lvl 15 now and went down greater good with 5 in best foot forward and 1 in the shield skill in the hero tree.
It’s a lot of fun. I have NOVA shields on and basically activate skill, butt slam and start clearing house with a beam laser or smg. All the pretty colors lol.
Can’t wait until I start getting better tier skills