Jack’s Secret - lost loot

This is my first time going on to an online forum so apologies in advance if I make any social blunders.

I have a gripe but before I report it to Gearbox, I want to check if anyone else is having major issues with the loot that drops from Fabricator Mk2
I’m on PS4 and roughly 1 in 5 times, the loot from the boss drops way out of the boss fight arena.
Sometimes it lands on top of the arena walls and at other times it lands underneath the arena floor.
I’ve even had the loot fly of way out to the middle of space where you can see it as tiny spots of colour.
So many lost legendaries.

Anyone else having this issue?

Yep it happens. But it will also get sent to the lost loot machine on Sanctuary.


I know that but the thing is, I pretty much use the lost loot machine as a cash bank for my other characters and I’d like to be able to see what will be sent before I decide whether to leave it (where it will go to lost loot) or to pick up and drop (discard the item so it doesn’t go to lost loot)

I suppose ultimately it doesn’t matter but it’s still annoying.

Yeah thats definitely a thing, had it happen on numerous runs, I even had kills where it wouldn’t drop anything not even cash or eridium. And the fact you have to travel back to sanctuary to check the lost loot ( on fear of missing out on a good anointment, which never happens ) and then having to run through the whole map again to start back the farm, yeah ANNOYANCE is the key word :+1:

It happens to me whenever I kill it and my player isn’t looking directly at it with my field of view unobstructed.

Yeah, maybe that’s just me being superstitious but whenever I’m grabbing ammo or looking away from it the loot flies off faster than gearbox employees on their well earned holiday vacations.

Log in with another character if you have one. Check the machine and log back with the one at the boss to preserve the checkpoint. :grin:

I have all characters, that didn’t even cross my mind :man_facepalming: dont be thinking straight when im annoyed, common sense prevails, thanks :+1:

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