Jack the Doppelganger's Damage Formula

To show how everything fits into the damage formula read this thread by @Sljm’s Basic Gun Damage Formula

I’ll start with what skills are what

The following skills are Gun Damage under the Normal Damage section

  • Resolute
  • Collaborate
  • Synergy
  • Believe
  • Money is Power
  • Jakobs Sponsored by…

The following skills are TypeA under the CriticalHit section

  • Synergy
  • Company Man

The following skill is a Special Multiplier under the SpecMult section

  • Integrity * needs further testing for pre/post splash and the 4 multiplier.

The following skills are SplashAmount under the SplashDamage section and they do NOT receive grenade bonuses

  • Compound Interest
  • Maliwan Sponsored by…
  • Torgue Sponsored by…

The following skill is a Grenade Damage under the SplashDamage section

  • Just Compensation

When you put them all into the formula they look like this

Output = (NormalHit * SpecMult * CriticalHit + SplashDamage) * ElemBonus * TypeMod

NormalHit = (BaseDamage * (1 + Resolute + Collaborate + Synergy + Believe + Money is Power + Jakobs Sponsored by… ) + AmpDamage )

SpecMult1 = (1 + Integrity)

CriticalHit = 2 * (1 + Synergy + Company Man) * (1 + TypeB) / (1 + TypeC)

SplashDamage = NormalHit * Compound Interest, or Maliwan/Torgue Sponsored by… * (1 + Just Compensation)? * SpecMult?

The reason Compound Interest and the Sponsored by bonuses are not added together is because they would each be in a separate splash formula. So if you had both Compound and a Sponsored by… then you would do the splash formula twice for each of those and a third time if you your gun had splash damage.

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