Jack vs Eclipse & EOS 1:41

With bonus!

So does that make Jack the fastest kill without FFYL shenanigans?
Or do Athena and Nisha still get better times?

Everyone else gets sub one minute.

Athena, Nisha, and Clappy still win.

And the use of “Clear!” isn’t really underhanded or anything, its just not what a normal player would do. Nisha’s crit swapping is more of a “shenanigan” if you ask me. But overall Clappy has the fewest “tricks”.

I didn’t mean to say they were underhanded when I called them shenanigans. They definitely are outside the norm though.

Where is this one minutes Claptrap kill though? I think I must have missed it.

Its all good, breaking the norm is one of my favorite things to do.

Here’s the kill thread

First Time I actually got to take a look at this, definitely not as clean as the other kills from a looks perspective, (Bunch of skulduggery with the quasi-legit initial sponsorship and the pre-dropped loot to make EOS faster). If some sort of bypass can happen legitimately with a Maliwan sponsored Mongol, and a CEO being fairly solid on its own in the DPS department, wouldn’t something similar-ish happen if you could find a fast way to kill Eclipse with a CEO to make it look cleaner?

Yeah true, but that is going to happen when you can’t bypass all 3 phases. And I showed how I wanted the Eclipse kill to go, but to me its not worth the time to get both fights how I like them. The reason my first Athena kill was so amazing is because I spent ~a week perfecting it because… A) I had James as competition and B) I wanted to make a splash in the community to get some insta-cred.

I like clean kills too, but at the end of the day most people only care about #s aka time.

Yeah, but it’s easy to do. Just switch from whatever manufacturer buff you want and then replace it with a Hyperion gun. I did this and pre-procced a red glitch in “The Cortex” so Eclipse would be where I wanted him, instead of chasing him.

I had to run through “Deck 13 1/2” and the “Subconscious” for every kill so I might as well shave off the few seconds I would have spent in my inventory.

It’s the same technique I used in my Athena vs The Sentinel video.

What doesn’t look legit about my 1 phase bypass? :confused:

The CEO actually has better DPS, but then I’d lose 21.5% accuracy.

  • CEO - x92.8993
  • Projection - x92.6003

But at that point the difference is so small I’d rather have the accuracy.

But it doesn’t matter because I’d still have to change out for the Mongol, Rosie, and Oz kit. So I might as well change coms too.

No, I was saying if you wanted it to look cleaner without pre-dropping loot and what-not do the whole run with a CEO. I’m more-or less fine with the other skulduggery (as you said the fake sponsorship is easy enough, but I mean you could also have a legit hyperion sponsor and make it work for the eclipse phase imo). I don’t even know if the quad is the best weapon for the eclipse phase for DPS considering elemental effectiveness.

Also iirc in your clappy kill everything was legit with on the fly swaps.

True, but trying to reliably hit crits mid-air while spamming a Red Quad is a nightmare. First off…

  • You’re mid-air
  • Next the gun only has a base 28.5 accuracy.
  • Every time you shoot the gun you get farther away from Eclipse b/c of the knock back.
  • A Quad already has bad recoil, about idk 30° uncontrolled. But with the red glitch its about 80°, so that 50% reduction is very welcome.

Plus I already had time to do all this in the Cortex so I don’t see why I shouldn’t do it if I’m there already. I don’t think it really takes away from the aesthetics of the kill.

Basically all this skulduggery comes from the fact MiP is a thing, and it is annoying as ■■■■ to have to run through the Subconscious every time or have TPS crash mid kill and re-farm 450 stacks again. So I make all this “unclean” stuff happen b/c I’m already not saving and quiting any way.

It is bar none the best weapon for this kill… with the Red Glitch. 500% damage and 100% crit with no loss in FR is unbeatable thanks to AA. And I can use it for both shield and health, unlike if I used Development where the corrosive would be unbuffed. An under 2 second Eclipse kill is hard to beat and is probably second only to Aurelia.

I really am sorry, a lot of the stuff you say flies right past me, including this.

Even if everything else was the same, the kill looks really sloppy when you have all your EOS gear waiting for you.

With Claptrap, on the other hand, you at least needed to go into your inventory to get it, it wasn’t staged for you. You actually spawn in and do the kill. Feels more like one of those speed kills where you level up out of ffyl.

No offense to you of course it is only my opinion, and considering you’re running the whole time trials show I guess it’s not a valid one.

Edit: You basically answered this post with your edit above.

Yeah… I also used it as a “look I’m an idiot who stacked 500 stacks legitimately and ran through the subconscious 35 times for one kill in a video game, be proud of me I didn’t use CE”. But again time is the main reason I did it, if bypassing phases wasn’t a thing all people would care about is the time.

I have a bad trigger finger and bad inventory swap skills so I take whatever work arounds I can get.

I’m the kinda guy that is fine with wearing an orange vest while hunting in order to not get shot. I’ll try to make the orange vest look as cool as possible, but I’m still going to look like a traffic cone. I value not getting shot more than not looking stupid if you get what I mean.

These are a lot of fun to watch. The problem solving process behind these kills is interesting.

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