Jack - Why you so crazy?

Ok, so does having to kill people just excite Jack enough to change him from someone who just wants to save his company’s space station from the Lost Legion into the paychopath he becomes?

Are his actions in executing the Meriff and airlocking the scientists justified?

Is it only after Lilith’s flaming Falcon Punch that he goes from protecting Hyperion’s Interests to full on paranoid megalomaniacal insanity?

yes meriff, no scientists

He’s a lying manipulative narcissistic sociopath at the beginning, and a manipulative narcissistic psychopath at the end. He pretends to care about people at the beginning, and flat out doesn’t care at the end. That’s how he’s crazy. There are a lot of deeper questions I have, but I won’t ask them.



He’s always been an jerk. Just ask Angel.


Ambitious pyschopath all along. Anytime we see him kill someone and enjoy it, it’s because he wanted to do kill them all along. I think the meriff knew Jack better than anyone in Concordia except Moxxi. He knew Jack was going to kill him no matter what so he tried to kill jack.

Airlocking the scientists is actually sorta justified.

After the Meriff betrayed Jack, Jack just couldn’t handle the thought of anyone backstabbing him. And he does have a point, there’s no room for backstabbing at that stage. If they did not succeed, Pandora and Elps would be gone for good.

What is not justified is the “That felt good” comment after he killed them.

Though, I agree with Aurelia when she said that Jack is taking his bloodlust too far in the end of the game. He really got crazy.

Oh, and, keep in mind that Jack had Angel locked up before TPS.


What are your deeper questions?

answer me Oh knife kitten! What are the secrets of the universe!


Why would Jack need a body double if he’s a nobody unless he expects that people will want to assassinate him at some point?

What company would bother committing murder and/or genocide on dangerous areas for the sake of good? What could he possibly gain by killing bandit camps for the sake of good?

I’ll let you think of the answer for the first question, but here’s the answer to the second one: Money. He says that he wants to kill the bandits on Pandora to clean up the place for those already living there, but from a business standpoint, it makes no sense. Corporations usually don’t do charity cleanup unless they can profit in some way, like money or good publicity. The whole point of Jack wanting to cleanse Pandora is because he wants to re-purpose the land for building upper middle-class and rich communities to profit off of. And with a giant-ass laser at his fingertips, what would stop him from killing the poorer native Pandora civilians to re-purpose their land for the rich as well? It’s genocide for self-profit. That’s why he has the laser, that’s why he wants to kill Pandoran camps; Self-profit. Not the good in his heart.

I think the beginning scene here is a good visual of what I’m thinking here:

Also see the lyrics for the Dead Kennedys song Kill the Poor.

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Lots to think about!

No profit in poorness!

There must be citizens on Pandora who are scared of all the bandits and approve of Jack wanting to get rid of them.

Yes, but like I said, what’s stopping him from killing them once he’s killed the bandits. It’s a hell of a lot easier to commit mass murder when they’re just statistics in your way of massive profit.

Well, if profit is his gol (and i agree it is) you cant kill EVERYONE, unless he is planning on bringing in only approved, wealthy people from other systems.

And why would those people want to move to Pandora, even if Jack made it all like Opportunity?

Yeah, the ones Jack lured in through Hyperion propaganda… I don’t see too many of the non-bandit citizenry in BL1/TPS/BL2 being fond of Jack, and he pretty much calls all of them bandits. Actually, I think that’s Jack’s way of dehumanizing people who he either doesn’t like or finds inconvenient in order to justify killing them off. Not much of a hero are you, Jackie-boy?

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Repurpose the land to do so? He was already starting it by BL2. Remember how BL1 had no grasslands, but the Highlands in BL2 are covered in grass. He was already re-purposing the land for the rich.

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These are pretty much related IMO. Just listen to the company “history” you get in that hall just before the exit to Veins of Helios - our Jack is a growing cog in a machine that profits wildly through calculated mayhem…

Edit: actually, it reminds me a bit of the whole Sith thing in SW - always training up an apprentice, but anxiously watching them for the inevitable moment when they try to betray you. I’m thinking there was also a SF book in which the chief whatever of a corporation was always side-stepping the boobt-traps set by his underlings, but I can’t think what it was.


You guys kick ass.

Thanks for following my mental tangents.

#JusticeForJack is at the end of a rope.

On top of this, think about people like Aurelia that would live in a safe, rich part of Pandora, then leave to hunt the wild life for sport. He could even make Pandora an exotic vacation destination for the rich. There’s a lot he could do with it.



Ok, s0:

What would his excuse for paving the way for his rich resort paradise have been if Lilith hadn’t horrifically scarred him?