Jack without Hyperion guns? Good build possible?

I’m trying stuff out I read on this board but right now at level 54 am using Greater Good as main tree, and filling out Free Enterprise as I go.

Question is will I be gimping Jack too much by not taking Company Man?

In BL2 as well as TPS, my least desired weapon manufacturer is Hyperion. I just hate the swaying motion before you get firing. The only exception is a rapid fire SMG like the Fatale.

With all my character types, basically I just toss/sell any hyperion weapons and mostly use Vladoff as favorite, and then Dahl.

The bonuses look pretty sweet if Jack is fully kitted out in all hyperion though. Do people use good builds without Company Man at all?

You don’t need it as he works well with almost any weapons, especially when considering all the combinations you can make with Sponsorships. I like a 7ish Hyperion build just cuz shotguns are fun, but that’s just me.

I felt sort of like you when I first started Jack – don’t like being restricted in what weapons to use. Now that I realize there are some great Hyperion options I actually prefer going Hyperion with Jack. Remember – it counts shields, OZ, coms, & grenades, too (many of the best options are Hyperion – Shield of Ages, Quasar, majority of Jack coms) . Plus some great Hyperion shotguns (Bullpups, Thinkings, Developments), pistols (the T4s-R), and other weapons.

But, of course there are good builds possible without that, too! Once I went with going down the tree to get the Badass Jack and that was fun, e.g.

I keep going back and forth between the suicide jacks line of builds, or the badass keep em alive Jacks the Hero of the Story tree.

From what I read the middle and right trees are more dps but I like switching it up for the BA Jacks now and again.

Once I actually collect some good hyperion gear I’ll try the Company Man. Maybe I can wear6 hyperion using 4 equip slots and 2 weapons as the only hyperion weapons I don’t mind using are shotguns and legendary Fatale. The T4sR is good too but I need to wait to get a UVHM version after I get to 70 so I can get the rewards at 70.

Jack can make any gun do anything. He doesn’t need Hyperion to kick ass, but any excuse to use a Quasar is an excuse well spent.

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I fill in every point in the middle tree, (optionally the one that gives your holojacks a shotgun spread laser).

And then Best foot forward and share my shield. Frozen nova or shock nova are awesome here.

Extra points now are going into the far right tree as I level to 70. But essentially I’m 95% invincible when my action skill is active. And most enemies are dead and frozen just by me merely walking around. Shooting makes them die faster though.

And gear wise, I can use anything I want.

So, no, you don’t need to worry about using hyperion guns.

I think this game made skill trees way more interesting than ever before. For the first time I feel that speccing an entire tree is worth it.

As for jack you can just give him all 4 items as Hyperion gear, celestial class mod, quasar grenade, right now I’m using the bulawark? forgot the spelling lol, and the eddie o2 kit. Trying to farm the rerouter for a new spin on things with sheilds (not sure if Hyperion though) with those 4 items you can still have quite the hefty crit boost and still use any guns you desire to great effect

Also I’m not max level yet so my skill points shift around trying new builds until I max out

I’m not a big fan of the Free Enterprise tree and ended up settling on this build.

It works well for me but to each his own

I like that build too. I go back and forth to keep things fresh between the left-middle trees, and middle-right tree builds.

Only things i dont take from the build you have here are the novas on spawn and death of jack clones. I would like too from an ability pov, but it makes my screen so eye blinding and obscures field of view that i regretfully spec out of it and put the points elsewhere.

The free enterprise makes me feel more dps oriented but the left tree really seems to add more solid defense feeling, at least in the 50s i am now.

The novas don’t really bother me to much but then I also use the Deadly Bloom shield which my digi Jacks get a copy of.

Jack has a class mod for Hyperion weapon damage. That’s it.

How would Jack be gimped without Hyperion?
Company Man gives you critical and accuracy for Hyperion items, but you don’t have to invest in it, and if you do, you don’t have to restrict yourself to Hyperion gear.

If you have some hyperion items that you’ll use anyway (quasar, eddie, bulwark, ages shield, rerouter, and almost all class mods), Company Man might be worth taking.
But even with no hyperion weapons, you are just losing out on the Projection’s hyperion damage boost, and company man.

But saying Jack is gimped without Hyperion, when he only has one class mod to boost them, that sound weird.