Jackeinstein... worst boss or just bad strategies

This posy is about my unpopular opinion that Jackeinstein is the best non-raid boss in the game. unless im forgetting one, hes the only boss that has stages, and that you need a strategy to beat… its litteraly one of the only bosses you have to think to beat other than raid bosses. I LOVE IT… hes different… the only reason i can see people not liking him or saying hes hard is because they’re lazy because he takes longer to fight… fought him 50x last night to figure out his loot pool…

Heres how you fight him smartly and never die: shoot down his two teslas or whatver (no strategy here exept dont be ignorant and use a sandhawk unless youre zero… its a bullymong not a treant, he moves ALOT) i use my maya and i use a shock lyuda… the bullet spread weakens both teslas and sometimes when he came back with only 1 tesla ive only put 2-3 bullets on it to be destroyed… no hard part here, ive never been hit by him in those two phases, the teslas get destroyed so quick

when the “hard part” comes, just equip an antagonist(if its not already your go-to) and shoot him anywere but his chest… the rare times the bullet reflection kills you, youill get up instantly… in my 50 runs this hasnt failed once… basicly what happens is your bullets deflect on yourself, they have a 50% chance to re-deflect back to him with 800% more dmg because of your shield… when that happens, the shield redirects those bullets straight to his chest spot… you can kill him in 1 shot anywere on the body with a ladyfist as long as you get lucky with antagonist… and its not even that lucky, its 50%

its super easy, efficient, fail proof… and you have to think… not just gunzerk with a grog and a harold like 99% of this games bosses

Ps. try not to have killskills on if using maya… her kinetic reflection comes before antagonist and its only 100% reflect dmg… its happened a few times to me… he still dies quick but its not instant

Ps2 (XD): try to use a slag or non-elemental gun because you might DoT yourself if not


Until just a few days ago, the Antagonist tactic was unknown. At least to me, and since it hasn’t been talked about in the forums, I’m guessing that the rest of the people here din’t know about it either. But, then again… I might be wrong! Anyways…

With this tactic, Jackenstein shouldn’t be too much trouble. But without it, he’s definetly an enemy to be wary of. My prefered method on him is to go in as a Blurred Trickster and Pimp him.

its not like im telling you you need a cobra or something lol antagonist is always at the vendor

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I’m only saying that without the Antagonist, this fight can be challenging. And since this tactic is pretty new, it’s still a tough fight in peoples mind, simply because they haven’t gotten used to the idea yet. Whether people choose to use the Antagonist or not is basically choosing between an easy fight or a tough one. If it’s a fight that you just wanna do as quickly as possible, then the Antagonist is an excellent choice, but if you for some reason don’t… Is that a bad strategy?

Is Jackenstein really so hard people need to use an Antagonist? Not trying to look down on other people - but the Antagonist is a Seraph. You need to first kill a raid boss to get it. I’m sure a raid boss is leagues ahead of Jackenstein in terms of difficulty.

I guess if you wanted to farm him you would use the best method, but… why bother? It’s not like the Yellowjacket is great.


im just collecting data for myself… farming every boss 50 times… did get 2 legendaries from him as world drops… since every boss in the game has higher world drop chance, no boss is useless to farm… tho i will admit the yellowjacket sucks

Nice strategy! But I think Jackenstein is a hard boss. I appreciate going into every boss with perfect gear and a practiced strategy might make him a walkover, but I’ve never found that, particularly with lower characters (not many of mine have antagonists!). I also dislike how his health bar diminishes in stages without much indication as to how you’re doing. Basically I have deep sympathies with anyone who finds this boss a bitter struggle because in my experience he can be one of the toughest.


Good point! Didn’t think of it in that way! Making a fight easy with an item that requires some effort to get, is your reward for the time it took to get it.

Is it really worth the effort when the item you’re trying to get is harder than the boss you’re intending to use it on?
Isn’t that kind of like killing Voracidous first to get an Interfacer to then kill the Warrior?

farm lv72 pete with op8 gear… will litteraly take 20 seconds

I meant that in general, and not exclusive to boss fights. It’s like… I grind Hyperius or Vermi to get a Norfleet. And when I finally get it, my reward is that I can use it whenever I want. If I want! Same thing with Seraph items that you get from vendors. Some items are really hard to get, but they will in return make everything else that much easier. In some cases it makes it so much easier that it breaks the game. But the point is that if that’s the way people wanna play, then they’ve earned that right.

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BeeHail / BeePimp always works for me = ] Basically just don’t get hit by the corrosive tanks

I use a Lady Fist. There are probably better ways to do it, but it works pretty well for me.