Jackenstein Quesion

According to a note on the wiki, “Jackenstein’s capacitors are immune to all forms of elemental damage” Can anyone confirm this? Do they even take slag for any time?

Also, is his health on some kind of reset timer? Because I’d just removed the second capacitor when he jumped out and back in with 100% health and both capacitors intact… The nerve of the beast!

Shock sniper works well

nah you can hurt him with elemental, it might have just meant they can’t receive DoTs

but really it’s an awfully designed boss

OK, I’ll have to do some more experimentation. I also read that any hit on the capacitors registers as a critical? If so, then something with high crit bonus sounds ideal for taking them off quickly. Since I’m this >.< close to 72, I think I’ll bail for now, hand in an outstanding mission, then go get me a Lady Fist (and a few other odds and ends) before I try again.

Also, anyone figured out if he can change direction once he’s launched himself into one of those end-to-end leaps he does in second phase?

Took me 3 weeks to kill him I have no idea what’s up with that guy I hit him with everything i had some days his health went down some days he wouldn’t come down from the ledge he jumps on, sometimes his health went back up to full then one day he just died, weirdest thing ever.

I know his health bar display is glitched - it only drops down in stages when you take out the capacitors, not gradually as you damage them. I think the same is also true of his chest area? You can’t do damage to him anywhere else than those locations (shades of BA Rex)

^^ This,I use a shock sniper on the capacitors then use the containers for cover and a shock smg for his chest,personally i use a Bandit high capacity with a accurate prefix

Can’t say I’ve seen that, but anything is possible with this marvel of design >_<
Did you use the ‘safe’ spot at the back? I’ve only used it once and thus have little experience to draw on, but it might count as outside the arena, causing him to reset. (He probably learned that one from Terra.)

A shock Lady Fist can work wonders. Depending on your level, a powerful Tesla (preferably a Storm Front) can be great for when his chest opens.
I haven’t gone back on OP levels because I cannot be bothered, so may need to take that with a whole bucketful of salt.
Axton’s turret(s) may cause him to glitch up on the ledge, and Deathtrap has a very high chance to do so, so beware.
Of the standard bosses I still dislike BARex more, but it’s a close thing.

Edit: Ooops, almost a necro. Sorry about that.

No problem - still haven’t gone back to beat him! I started back on track last night to get a Sandhawk, and I’ll pick up the Grog Nozzle when I head over to finish that DLC off which will hopefully make things easier.

Oh, it will. If you have time, farm up a Chain Lightning while there.
Having the two makes things rather too easy, but hey - our enemies frequently cheat too.
The CL won’t shut down Jackenstein, but - as with most encounters - it will keep you alive while you’re working on it.