Jackies skin swap and shop (Updated frequently)p

What I currently have;

-Ninja rose
-All seeing eye
-to the rescue
-Fright of the bumblebee
-Black widow
-Azure wave
-Dark focus
-Frozen Wrath
-Ruby wings
-are you my mummy
-Pretty in punk (head)
-Kawaii Killer (head)
-Cold steel (head)
-Til death do us part (head)
-Admiral Asskick (head)
-Alkaline Mistress (head)

-Wish upon a star
-This is HEV-y
-Dem B0nes
-G4l4h4d (head)
-Unreality (head)
-Nihilism (head)
-Raz0r (head)
-C0al Train (head)
-M0t0cross marauder (head)

-None blacker
-The witching hour
-Metal blood (head)
-Grease monkey (head)
-XXX (head)
-Mecha Wrekka (head)
-Digitized death


-Shadaloo stylish (head)
-Dapper gent (head)
-Gallant grunt (head)
-Bone blinder (head)

-Lavender but not brown
-The Baron (Head)

What I’m currently searching for :slight_smile:

-Lilac combatant
-Vault Dweller
-Last call
-Bluffers bane (head)
-Closing time (head)

-Any heads not listed, any rare skins not listed :slight_smile:

1EJ, are u in the game atm? I have in the past week left u several PSN messages about my swap interest (K K head (tx @rockshox00) for Whiteout + None blacker skins). / Zerkus.

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I’m definitely interested in the frozen wraith, I can’t find it anywhere. Not for lack of trying either.

I wasn’t and the time difference is a kick in the buns, haha.

I’m also not on as much as I’d like so it’s planning but I will definitely be on later.

It’s 1pm pacific here.

I’ll probs be on until midnight after about 6pm :slight_smile:

Hopefully that helps us coordinate :smiley:

That snd the community day skins/heads are nigh on impossible to find, even with having their drop rates adjusted.

If Only You Had Beyond The Pale For Gaige. I Have All-Seeing Eye.

Done :slightly_smiling: :white_check_mark: :+1:

I now have 2 frozen wrath skins after a lot of time an effort, but there’s nothing you have I want but @gunzerkus might want some stuff off you maybe we can come to some arrangement

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Lol, JUST got my second Frozen Wrath and was coming back to see if you still needed it haha.

Poor timing, I still have to give Zerkus some skins that are sitting in my inv, I’ve been busier than a bastard the last while and we have a timezone difference haha.

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P S. If any of u skin wizards happen 2 stumble upon a HAHAHAHAHAH head (Psycho Vermi drop) I have a friend searching 4 it day and night :sun_with_face: :new_moon_with_face:

P P S. I now have and hold the Eye 4 u :acmaffirmative:

@gunzerkus I’m pretty sure I gave u that head while I was after the kawaii killer, did u use it? I’m verm hunting again for ninja rose so if it drops it’s yours.

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And I unlocked.

Meaning another is of the essence to maintain sanity of friend (y’all know what I mean …)

Well how about don’t sniff my nipples, - just saying like, and white knight, not bad for first run in caustic caverns, now I would trade don’t sniff my nipples for ninja rose, who knows. Verm as usual drops what I don’t want

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Oh it’s not fair third run verm drops assassin head G4l4h4d

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Now have beyond the pale too @itzzjeremy caustic caverns is proving productive 2 verm drops and two rare thresher drops

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Sorry But I Don’t need it Anymore.

If You Can Farm Terra For The XXX Head For Gaige, I’d Still Be Willing To Trade.

Np was giving u heads up

I’ll have go when got some time an let u know