Jacking into tps

(Mcore) #1

I’ve never really gotten into the pre sequel until now. I’ve even played all the characters and even got Aurelia up to level 70. The thing that’s always caused me to come back was the claptastic voyage dlc. Well I’ve decided this time around to look more into jack. Derch has some great content on him and he’s far more interesting
And fun than I previously gave him credit for. Currently I’m level 52 and am building for coach gun abuse and Nova spam. Yeet, I’m only level 52 and have a working deputy build with Nova spam. I use a black hole, quasars and a CEO com. To make this work I had to put minimalpoints in believe, winning and synergy. Even so I’m chewing through uvhm. It feels broken, but not sal broken, because I really have to manage my action skill. Essentiallywhen expendable assets ends I’ve got 6 seconds to get to cover and play more methodically until it comes back up. This makes a really interesting game play loop where I spend my down time getting into a position to where I can ambush, tossing a quasar and setting out my jacks so they spawn on the group of baddies I pull into the grenade, jumping behind them and slamming them back into the jacks and cleaning up with my coach gun. It’s nutty, absurdly strong and takes a bit of quick thinking and planning.

Tldr… Jack has saved this game for me.