Jackpot dlc not working

Ok so anyone with Xbox- I just bought the jackpot dlc and it says it’s installed but when I try to activate it with the poster it tells me to purchase it

Idk if it effects it but I gameshare with my bf and I was on his account when I bought it but it says installed even when I’m on my account

I bought the standard game in the store so it’s a disk and bought the dlc separately and I made sure both were installed and updated by going to the managing menu I’ve tried power cycling it ive tried restarting my Xbox nothing I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it

The way DLCs work in BL3 is a bit weird, and what you’re describing is not uncommon. First thing I’d do is make sure you’ve restarted the XB1 and the game since you did the purchase and install. Second, check that the DLC is indeed showing up as fully downloaded (select BL3 on XB1 and hit ‘Manage…’).

Once you’re sure it’s fully installed, launch the game. If the poster prompts you to ‘purchase’ the DLC just click through to the store. You should see the DLC as showing purchased/installed. From there you should be able to return to the game and continue.

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Thank you for responding and I’ve tried all of that and it hasn’t worked I’m pretty sure it’s installed all the way when I go to the store it says installed so I go back to the game but it doesn’t work at all I’ve restarted my Xbox several times I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled both the dlc a couple of times actually and bl3 it’s self and nothing seemed to work I’m debating on just asking for a refund but I don’t even know where to start with that and I was really looking forward to playing it :frowning: and gearbox hasn’t answered me when I asked on other social media either I’ve checked every forum I possibly could and nothing I just don’t know what to do

One thing you could try is a power reset of the XB1, just to make sure any stale cached data is cleared away. Other than that, I’m not sure. The official support is via 2K - there’s a link in the pinned thread at the top of this section.

Can your bf run the DLC OK?

I had to download it from the xbox store after the update, literally had the exact same thing happen. Just type it in the the store and it should be available to download