Jackpot in Sanctuary

Have the machines in general been altered?

This is probably my third playthrough total in BL2 and I do not recall the machines being so ruthless when it comes to getting the jackpot. All other times I got it without actually hoping for it. I recall getting Eridium out of the machines was VERY common almost too common in a sense. It wouldn’t be uncommon for me to spin 20 times and get Eridium 4 times.

This time around I have spent about 200 thousand or more and have gotten the triple stack to show up twice about 50-60 times…never the third though. Doesnt something else you do factor into luck? Seems my luck has changed for the worst with the machines…I rarely get Eridium now either.

I’ve never been that lucky with the slot machines in Sanctuary. I think I only have the triple eridium on one out of 8 characters. Getting a single or double is a little more common. Looks like you’ve used your luck up this time!