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DDD: Jacks skills by Blutfatal
Leveling guide
Skill Analyis: Best Foot Forward, Winning & Optimism. (WORK IN PROGRESS) - Nikolii
Sponsored By - Weapon, bonus, and skill synergy - Impala
Jack’s damage calculation

General info
Top Gear by Who ever it is this week.
[URL=“http://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/showthread.php?t=394590”]Jack’s max stat mods by Tluav Boy

PAX stream(around 36 minutes in)


Certainly enlightening. I didn’t realize that the Diversify shotgun lasers might not be a good idea.

I however feel that Optimism’s real benefit is decreasing the life of each digi-jack. That doesn’t really shine until you combine it with Leadership, Collaborate and Best Food Forward.

for the thread

Can you please fix the link to the Sponsored By guide?

No because it was already fixed.

What was already fixed?

Your dog…

You should know better than to go around sniffing strange dogs’ butts, Blut.

You should know by now I don’t get near things unless I’m setting it on fire or making it explode.

This link is broken. That thread is yours, and you ported it here, how come you haven’t fixed at least that link?

I did twice now.
this will be the third.

If you could replace the link for the Top Gear with the new Top Gear, that would be great.


I could take this over as well, if you want.

I can cover these, I’d just require links to thread that I miss or over look.

Top Gear for Jack not in the OP.

The OP is gone, this thread will have to be redone.

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Send me links and I’ll make a new one

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Most of the links are already there, but @Derch might have some new ones for the new thread.