Jackson, The Scrapyard Mechanic (Hero Concept)

Note: Gearbox, if you end up taking this concept, for some otherworldly reason, maybe wanting to ruin your artistic credibility, the most I ask is that I get a shift code that unlocks this guy. Or, like, 5-10 bucks. Whatever tickles your pickle.

Jackson, The Scrapyard Mechanic

Backstory: Originally an LLC engineer, Jackson’s philosophies of life changed as more and more stars were darkened by the Varelsi. He came to the conclusion ‘Hey, universe is dying, why not have some FUN!’. This sentiment was not shared by his co-workers. The fact that he believed gold to be a poor construction material didn’t save him from being fired. Now, after joining up with the Rogues, he spends his days gathering scrap and just, kinda, doing whatever, running his mechanic shop “ScrapBooth”, where the motto is ‘We sell scrap, and scrap accessories.’

Appearance: Jackson wears an orange jacket and black pants, with a slightly rusted metal chassis for an undershirt. He has black hair and blue eyes. Height-wise, he’s just a bit shorter than Oscar Mike. On his right hand is a metal glove with some lightly colored orange accents, and a glowing disk in the palm. This is the Scrap Matrix, which will be discussed later.

Personality: Overall, Jackson has a very ‘no f**ks given’ vibe. He does whatever he feels like doing, his attitude being based upon where-ever he is. When he’s in the shop, he’s very down to Solus and mature. On the battlefield, he’s sarcastic and mocks. A lot. He’s just trying to have a good time while he can, and maybe help a fellow Rogue out, if the pay is good enough.


Jackson is a support pusher, working more indirectly to win the battle.

Weapon: Jackson uses a modified pump shotgun. Primary fire will shoot out a narrow spray of pellets, but secondary fire will shoot a wider spread for more damage.

Talent: Mechanic’s Wear. Jackson can modify the output of his damage, and give his devices a boost in stats, or give them status effects.

Trait: Scrap Matrix. When enemies die near Jackson, they drop scrap. Scrap can be used to empower skills. Hold down the skill button to empower. Max Capacity: 100. Uses 50 scrap per empowerment.

Skill 1: Health Station. Jackson drops a cylinder that heals nearby allies for 5 seconds. Can be prematurely ended and destroyed. Scrap Matrix gives extended time and more health. 15 second cooldown after expiry.

Skill 2: Scrap-bot. Jackson deploys a minion at a designated location that travels down the nearest lane. Attacks with melee. On control point in walks to the point and then defends. On meltdown it will walk to the enemy alter and guard there. On incursion it will just walk into the sentry. In Campaign, it will follow Jackson and automatically attack enemies. Can be reactivated to target specific enemies. Scrap Matrix gives bonus damage and health. 10 second cooldown after expiry.

Ultimate: Teleporter. Drops a teleporter at the target location that lasts until killed or it teleports 5 heroes. The entrance is spawned in the middle of the respawn room. Scrap Matrix increases amount of heroes from 5 to 10 and gives it a shield, but costs 100 scrap. 60 second cooldown after expiry.

Talents: I only got a few for now.

Level 5: Clean Healing Station. Improves healing and health of Health Station.


Clean Killing Machine. Improves damage of Scrap-bot and gives it a ranged weapon it will close the gap with.

Level 6: Get Off My Lawn. Gives Health Station a small turret that shoots the closest enemy within range


Get On My Lawn. Improves healing range and healing per second of Health Station.

Level 10: Self-Preservation. Gives Teleporter two side turrets that deal moderate to low damage to enemies in range.


Self-Defense. Increases health (and shields if it’s empowered) of Teleporter.


When chosen

“Bout damn time.”

Enemy Spotted

“Enemy, twelve o’clock”

killing LLC hero

“See? You don’t get that kind of performance with gold.”


“Get good.”

“Mad ‘cause bad


“No one saw that, right? F**k”

Scrap-bot kill

“That’s a clean killing machine, I tell ya hwat.”