Jacobs weapons are missing something

We don’t have smell-o-vision, nor are we ever going too, unless someone invents a way to electronically induce aroma’s without needing a storage of chemicals no one wants to buy. Even then most people will likely reject it simply because no one wants to smell a swamp or a trash dump when a video gets to a clip like that in the show.

That being said, on to why that paragraph is relevant to the title of this here thread.

Jacob weapons are cast using wine cellar barrels. That’s how they get there aromatic smell.
So why in tarnations doesn’t Jacob weapons stat list the flavor of Wine they where cast from and give a small but theme appropriate stat buff to that weapon?

Gash darn it, if a Jacobs weapon is going to be cast in a wine barrel, we should be able to somehow tell what flavor of wine, brandy or vodka that gun got its smell from and how it is going to help me shoot better!