Jakobs First Impressions: Least Exciting, Most Satisfying

In summary I found the new effect the least exciting on paper when you read it, no alt firing modes, no legs when you throw it, no shields or dual elements. If you crit you get a single extra bullet to reflect to a new enemy. However its quite perfect for Jakobs IMO. Jakobs are crit based guns that like playing Zer0 or Aurelia reward skillful play. This really fits that play style. These are not spray and pray guns, they are precision guns.

Why I say most satisfying is a bit biased because I love Jakobs and these felt so Jakobs. They are still one shot per trigger pull, you can still fan the hammer, they still hit really hard. They still feel very Jakobs. But with the new look and new sound they feel stronger and more robust.

The only shotgun I got was a crappy white one with a back pack full of blues and purples, so I didn’t really get to see how they turned out.

One thing I saw after the Video is K6 put out a video where he found a red text Jakobs sniper that had a really cool effect. It had a NE splash added to it on impact and instead of 1 bullet reflecting, it had 3. If you combine that with Aurelia’s new chain reaction we might see some pretty interesting combos.


I feel there is a lot of potential when it comes to jakobs . And personally i like them for stuff like the luck cannon and the maggie. I also think revolver’s are pretty good. But it is mixed in with other manufactures who have some different effects so it doesn’t stand out as much as the other manufactures . But there is the satisfactory Feeling at the end of the day.

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Was a bit disappointed too when I read about Jackos special effect. Didn’t “felt Jackobs” on paper despite the fact they already had something similar in BL2. But I think you’re right. It rewards critical hits and thats awesome.

Now let see how overlapping hit box work this time. :wink:

Does the reflected bullet automatically crit?

Man, the SOUND of the guns.

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While I acknowledge that I am, at heart, an auto-fire kinda guy, there is certainly a satisfaction about aiming down the barrel of a big iron and gettin’ 'em dead in the head.

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They fixed that issue


Out of the manufacturers now, Jakobs to me seems like its the meat and potatoes of the group. Meaning their weapons are the most traditional out of the lot in terms of weapon behavior. Basically a simple classic gun for the most part that has a perk for people that can hit their mark.