Jakobs Gunfighter

Jakobs, heavy, bulky and slow, but when Mordecai has a loyalty mod specializes on, you can do some good old-fashioned damage.

Build: (Sniper-centric, bloodwing health build)

Build: (With additional melee option instead of Carrion Call)


If you want more bloodwing help, you can add the points to other bloodwing skills from lethal strike and / or gun crazy (more health boost or daze option)

To summarize:

Sniper tree:

Focus: Although Bessie has %100 accuracy, additional accuracy bonus is always welcome for other Jakobs snipers.
Caliber: More Sniper damage, the better
Killer: You’ll rack up kills, so kill damage boost is always welcome
Loaded: More sniper magazine size is not bad no?
Trespass: Since Jakobs does not do elemental damage, bypassing shields will come handy on shielded enemies.

Rogue Tree:

Swift Strike: Additional Bloodwing damage when you release him every now and then.
Fast Hands: A good boost for slow reloading Jakobs guns
Out for Blood: A couple of points might come handy when Bloodwing hurts enemies.

Gunslinger Tree:

Deadly: Critical damage is almost standard on Jakobs guns so worth the 5 points.
Lethal Strike (optional): If you fancy some melee when fighting (or bladed guns) this might be your ally.
Gun crazy (optional): Might work better with 6 shooters, but the mod boosts it so why not? Not needed if you dont fancy revolvers.
Riotous Remedy: Getting some health by killing will come handy.
Hair Trigger: Will give an additional bullet to 6 shooters when 5 points are used.
Relentless: %40 Fire rate and %100 on-kill boost? Count me in!

With the best mod Jakobs gives a good %61 damage, and boosts gun crazy, focus, and deadly skills. The best combination would be +4 deadly since it will boost the critical damage even more.

mat 2 gives a huge %84 accuracy boost. mat 3 gives a considerable %56 reload speed. Depending on capacity you might pick the reload speed, but I favor the accuracy boost and will explain why.

Jakobs’ top of the line revolvers and snipers have good accuracy already, but when you use Masher type Unforgivens, Striker type shotguns and Skullmasher type snipers, the reticule will get even better. With a ZZ type Striker you can even snipe with the shotgun to hunt spider abdomens or bandit heads safely from a distance. XX type Strikers will be much more accurate and +2 pellets surely would work well close to mid range.

Biggest boost will be on Sledge’s shotgun, when accuracy boosted, it will be very useful as anti-rakk shotgun. Don’t forget to give rakks to gather together and bam-bam, they are thrown back to the sky as flying corpses.

Favored weapons:

Unforgiven: Obvious choice for revolvers, masher versions will get their boost share too.

AX type Revolvers: When you want speed over damage, AX type purple Revolvers will come handy, and you’ll benefr from %56 reloading speed.

Bessie: %100 accuracy with a %500 critical damage, not to mention our critical dmg boosts, the go-to sniper for badass bandits & Crawmerax. Bandit & Lance shields mean nothing to Jakobs (Thanks to trespass).

Skullmasher: When 1 sniper bullet isn’t enough. ZZ for even more accuracy, XX for knockback. A chest shot usually get 1 or 2 pellets to the head depending on the distance.

Whitting’s Elephant gun: For the iron sight lovers. VRR version might come more handy for fire rate close range (up to 0.8 without skill boost)

Jakobs Striker: When you want to blow up heads with style… Accuracy boosted ZZ version can be a mid+ range sniper. XX version will keep enemies at bay (9 pellet knockback).

Sledge’s Shotgun: Shooting rakks felt never so good… Lethal strike can be helpful when you smash the pointy end in a bandit’s face.

Gunfighter mod usually favors bulky Jakobs with less capacity, but %61 damage boost will help you no matter the bullet count. Recoil won’t be Dahl tier (ZZ versions are good enough imo), but the stopping power with remedy the weakness.

For melee, I favor bladed shotguns to revolvers, because you can melee faster with two hands.

XX or ZZ?

An XX Striker with accuracy boost will be accurate like a non boosted ZZ. XX Revolvers would behave much better with range (provided your guns have good scopes)

ZZ with reload speed bonus will excite Jakobs a bit. I reckon it would be more useful on 12 shot shotguns and 6 shot revolvers.

ZZ version with accuracy boost will greatly increase the range (caused by the accuracy boost) especially on pellet weapons.

Since this build lacks elemental damage, you have to rely on trespass skill & critical hits. This would be not everyone’s cup of tea, but it reminds Mordecai’s hunter roots, so it fits like a glove on him imo.

If you don’t want to buy ammo, you can switch a legendary Tediore for ammo regeneration. You can use this dirty trick on shotguns & revolvers (yesI I know that’s cheap & lazy)

And remember: If it took more than one shot, you weren’t using a Jakobs :grin:


Gunfighter mordy solos all on pandora (so long as he keepa moving and doesn’t die.)

How well does the gunfighter build work against crawmerax ?

It one shots craw spots. So pretty good.