Jakobs Moze?....Whelp Kinda.....Sucks

I have been doing Company Man builds and having an absolute blast with all the different manufacturers…

Then, I hit Jakobs and the wheels fell off.

I mean I got through the Maliwan True Takedown with this stuff but it was a miserable eperience and half the time Iron cub was killing waaaaay more stuff than me and it wasn’t even close.

Jacobs gear just seems so terribly weak on Moze…It’s just damn hard to kill things on Mayhem 11 in the Maliwan takedown.

Can be done but enemies are like a bullet sponge.

Best weapons I have found on a Super Soldier fast firing, big mag Moze are Two PURPLES, Dakota Shotgun and the Peashooter which can’t even come anointed. And the new Trickshot…which with a big mag is kinda decent

Clairvoyance is not bad but not good
Mutant is not bad but not good
Kings/Queens call are terrible in the Takedown

Gatlin Lead Sprinkler is just OK

There has to be other equipment or combos that would make using Jakobs more effective. And I am not into gimmicks or methods that requre me to “reroll” the pistol until all the perks are active.

Suggestions?? Or am I just wasting my time? Moze and Jakobs just not a good matchup.


I don’t have the weapon so I can’t speak to its performance but the Wedding Invitation should work rather well given that it’s a splash damage SR.


Lucky 7 and you are set.


Try bloodletter, uRad, infernal wish. Use high damage, single shot weapons rather than the fast firing versions.

Headsplosion, Duc etc.

It probably still won’t be better than Lucky 7.
Also, since you can roll equivalent of better rolls on class mods for Jacobs weapons, company man might not be better than a pearl in this case.


Jakobs and Moze, double the effort with half the results. Lucky 7 is in a class by itself but the next tier is a ways down. Could try Rowans Call. Not the most powerful but doesn’t need much if any mag boost and can handle a ton of fire rate before reloading ever becomes an issue.

I had surprising results with a Duc and a Mindsweeper.

Do the elemental shots from the Dakota deal splash? If so that one might be fun.

I wonder about a Headsplosion?

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Whelp…Lucky Seven just kinda solved the problem…LOL

I hate to be a One Trick Pony But this gun fits perfect with Super Soldier and Moze’s ammo Regen. Almost impossible to run out of ammo and have to reload once you get the perks you want.

In fact…HARD to reload to get different perks LOL.

But’s it’s a class by itself for Jakobs and Moze…nothing else really comes even remotely close…at least on all the stuff I have tried.

Now I just have to go let my clicking finger go have a break… :grinning:


Agree. Jacobs and Moze don’t go together. Lucky 7 is all I can think of but you still have to muck around to get the right combo and on a build that means you don’t reload to keep the gun rolls.
So very specific to make it work.

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Best for me and I have tried a ton.

Lucky 7
Lead Sprinkler…must be Gatlin Prefix
Pea Shooter
Clairvoyance…but get a Gatlin and it still seems a tad weak

Snipers that somewhat work:
Wedding Invitation

have not tried a Rowan’s Call yet

Lordy did they screw up the Garcia…AWFUL now…

This kind of surprises me, though it is relatively soft for MM11… I kind of figured she’d be able to rock the splash damage from the sprinkles. Have you tried a Mutant? If the Clairvoyance isn’t cutting the mustard as an AR, not sure this will be better (no splash on this), but I haven’t compared them directly myself.

Also, have you tried the Bird of Prey? I think that extra shot is splash (plus its base damage is insane). :thinking:

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I did a non-splash build not long ago that primarily involves the Reflux but also uses the Hellwalker for quick burst damage. You can do a Bloodletter build with constant amp shots, or you can try an Eternal Flame build where Iron Cub blows himself up frequently so that you can spam ASE anointments along with Some for the Road. Obviously it’s not as effective as the Lucky 7 when it comes to Jakobs weaponry, but it still performs better than most others imho.


Did you try the lead sprinkler with splash radius on your artifact. A while back it used to be pretty powerful because with splash radius all the grenades that spawn out would hit the target your shooting. Without splash radius I think the grenades mainly miss the target your shooting


Peashooter is the only gun I really used as I ran through DLC 3 with it because reasons. It was good enough imo.

Tried the Bloom? O have it on may Room because I love Rose but never really tried it.

Yes I have a blastmaster with splash and splash radius. But to tell the truth…they have either adjusted the radius of the splash of the sprinkled shots…or somehow my overall build is compensating because when I switched to a Blastmaster with splash only….I did not notice a difference at all.

The lead sprinkler was clearly the second most effective weapon on Moze but again….only the Gatlin version with a big mag, regen perks and Super Soldier.

One weapon that is just totally hosed right now is the Garcia….

Used to be kinda fun….now total junk.

The firing is not only unsatisfying…has an awful “feel” but it does little to an enemy as well.

Clearly needs full auto NOT that two-shot nonsense

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@johnrr6 I feel like you should be getting better results for Jakobs weapons with a Mindsweeper and Jakobs passives on your COM. I personally have had really good results on Moze with the Mindsweeper combined with the Clairvoyance, Maggie, and Hellwalker. If you wanted a sniper, maybe the Skullmasher?


Will have to try MindSweeper.

Good idea….I have drifted away from that com just going back to Blastmaster and the fire hose Super Soldier creates….

Thanks for the idea!

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The Hellwalker gets good results, especially as you can increase Moze’s fire damage. The Duc works pretty good, if your aim is strong that is. The gun more than triples it’s damage on a Headshot. Don’t know if it gets bonuses from Skag-Den, but either way it felt alright on Moze the last time I used it. And the Peashooter is just some good fun, not too strong, but fun and gets the job done, especially on densely crowded maps.

Other than that Jakobs isn’t too great, especially on Moze. She just isn’t made to use non-elemental non-Splash guns like those Jakobs makes.

@johnrr6 I haven’t tried the Jakobs Company Man with my Moze yet, my results have come with the Pearl just FYI.

As long as you have the +1 in Redistribution you should have solid luck with ammo when using the Mindsweeper.

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Why on earth did they hose the Garcia so badly??

Makes no sense to me……

It’s frustrating, feels odd, difficult to employ and basically unusable…

At least to me…

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