Jakobs needs more Legendary Sniper Rifles

Please? Seriously, they have what, ONE? Bring back the Skullmasher, or, something that looks more like a Barrett .50!

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They have two I think. Headsplosion and the Monacle.

I want the Amigo Sincero back! They released it at the end of the BL2 lifecycle, beginning of BL3’s. All guns from the Commander Lilith DLC should have been in BL3 in my opinion.

I’d probably only use the Peak Opener and Amigo Sincero though.

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yeah, these guns aren’t that old story-wise, and we don’t have any dual-wielding VH’s to really abuse trespasser type abilities.

they’ll show up eventually, dlc, and events, and takedowns and such will bring them in. it kind of sucks that they only have headsplosion and monocle, especially given how unusable monocle is due to the scope being too much. but more’ll show up. and the one pump chump is basically a shotgun sniper rifle.

Barret. 50 seems more Dahl-style to me :joy: Tbh I just wish there were more snipers in general :frowning:

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I agree on this one.
That was a great sniper they added in the Lilith DLC.
Had alot of fun with it…