Jakobs questions

I’m preparing for an all-Jakobs weaponry Digistruct Peak run, and I just had a few questions.

  1. Does the Skullmasher outdamage the Muckamuck if I hit all of the pellets?

  2. So far, I’ve chosen the Bekah, Maggie, Citrine Muckamuck, and the Twister as my loadout. Is this OK?

  3. Is it better to use a Jakobs Allegiance relic or a BoA for cooldown and the Twister?

  4. Is the Hawkeye worth considering?

  5. Build. Any suggestions? I’m looking at this as a potential if I use the Jakobs Allegiance relic.

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In my completely rookie opinion:

  1. I always go for the cool down. There are so many extra things that come into play when you can use your specials.
  2. I farmed the crap out of stuff until I got the Hawkeye. I literally just got it so I haven’t had time to test it or even fire it yet. However from what I’ve read, it preforms about the same as a Muckamuck when hitting Crits. And we know how it performs without crits. I’m just crossing my fingers that it really is better than that review.

And (again, in my level 66 opinion), I would take the points out of Lifetap and put them in Quicken. Same idea as before: I like quick cooldown. I know it takes away scorn, but with Ruin, converge and faster cooldown, you’ve got a good slag dynamic anyway.

Your first build looks better to me, but with one or two pointers. I will assume that you’re not going to use any Moxxi weapons for healing. Maybe a transfusion grenade? In any case, you need the healing, so I would spec into Sustenance instead of Mind’s Eye.

With an all-Jakobs build, you should consider using the Rough Rider, use a Banshee COM and exchange the points in Accelerate and Inertia in favor of Fleet.

I would definetly go for a BoA. Phaselocking is crucial in the Peak. Especially if you only rely on skills for healing.

Flicker seems a bit out of place with mostly non-elemental guns, so I’d go for Helios or Blight Phoenix instead. Maybe split 5 points, and go for both. They don’t do much damage, but they can help with healing and knock back enemies that get too close.

I can’t say which sniper to go for, but there’s also the Cobra. Not sure how useful any one of them will be, though.

I would modify it slightly with a good balance of Life Tap and Sustenance. Sustenance is mainly to top you off during downtime combat and after that kill skill time runs out from Life Tap. I heard flicker helps with Scorn’s chance to slag but I am not sure if that is confirmed. The rest of your build looks pretty solid.


Slot 1
As for guns the most obvious choice is the Bekah, but the question is what do you want for the other three. I have seen players complete the peak with Bekah only due to its absurd ammo efficiently.

Slot 2
Twister is great for a shotgun, you can try the Orphan Maker too when the enemy is more mobile. Striker also works fine here.

Slot 3
It is hard to recommend anything better than the Maggie, a Jakobs Iron perhaps but Maggie is just better if you land all pellets.

Slot 4
Sniper is a weird one, Cobra if you have the Bee I guess, but if you are using the Bee, just use the Bekah so that’s that.

Honestly I don’t use Jakob snipers much at the peak with Maya, I am not sure why.

Jakobs Relic with more Mag Size and Recovery Reduction.

To me the Jakobs Maya peak is simple, and it revolves around the Bekah, if the enemy is inside its split distance = use a Jakobs shotgun, otherwise just use Beekah…without any ammo issues and worries.

Oh and don’t use a Rough Rider. Jakobs guns alone is sufficient for this challenge :wink:

  1. Skullmasher is one of the strongest Jakobs sniper rifles when all the pellets hit. The Godfinger and perhaps even the Elephant Gun can out damage it. Though you can swap the Skullmasher for the Striker since they both do the same thing.

  2. If you slag you’re fine depending on the character you are using. Since Maya has two forms of slagging she is the best for an all out Jakobs setup.

  3. Depends on the character but generally a Jakobs Allegiance relic with recoil reduction and recover is overall the best. Since there is only one elemental weapon that Jakobs makes that is worth using you can go without an elemental relic. Also since Maya’s has a really low cool down on her Phaselock to begin with, without any skills, that makes it easier to go without an elemental/cool down relic.

  4. Hawkeye is weaker than the Buffalo Rifle, Elephant Rifle, and the Skullmasher. The only advantage it has over the previously mentioned is its high accuracy and absurd scope magnification it can get.

  5. This is what I used to use when I played Borderlands 2. I never did digistruct but a few people ran with the build and made it all the way to the end with it. Generally though sniper rifles are a bad choice but if you want a full fledged Jakobs run you may as well throw one in. Both the Buffalo and Elephant hit hard against slagged enemies but both lack a scope.

The key thing is that the Bekah cheeses everything if you know how to use; with or without the Bee shield.