Jakobs Revolvers Spin the WRONG WAY

One of my favorite things about Borderlands 3 when I first played it was that Jakobs revolvers keep all of their unused bullets in the cylinder. You fire one bullet, you reload one bullet, etc. Recently I’ve noticed that although cylinders of Jakobs revolvers spin RIGHT after every shot, when you reload them the empty slots in the cylinder end up on the LEFT. No matter what, bullets get used in a counterclockwise rotation even though cylinders spin clockwise when firing. I don’t know if IRL revolvers spin left or right, but an easy fix would be to change the direction that cylinders spin in to match the way that bullets get emptied. Please, PLEASE fix this ■■■■. It pisses me off.


how dare they. I am offended that these fictional guns dont function like real world items.

maybe just google how the revolver spins and then let them decide if its a reasonable fix. or put it on the list for patches

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Not quite sure you actually read the post. They are saying, in the game, the bullet getting used is not consistent in the direction the chamber turns when using it.

Googling “revolver direction,” It looks like it spins a certain way depending on the manufacturer (Smith & Wesson spins counterclockwise, Colt spins clockwise). I agree with you that the direction should be consistent between firing and reloading.

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Finally, a good post. If you’re GUNna make a game about guns, the least you can do is actually learn some basic things about how they function. I mean, I understand borderlands isn’t the most concerned with being realistic in it’s depiction of weapons but this is some fallout level stuff lol.

Clearly this is what happens when you use left handed bullets in right handed revolvers.


300 IQ post, honestly.

We gonna fix this or what???

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