Jakobs shotgun pellet count

whats the max pellet count you can get on a purple jakobs shotgun?

So far the most I’ve got is a x14
but I sold it a long time ago because it seems the highest damage shotguns have less pellets but way more shot damage.

At least in my experience

Edit: Just got a x16! 4 ammo per shot though… eh whatever PELLETS MAN

Someone posted about a Stagecoach with 25 pellets in Derch’s Sherrif Siren thread.

can you send me a link?

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thank you!

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I’ve got a x16 Stagecoach. Haven’t seen above that, but that x25 sounds bad ass!!!

X21 coach is the highest I got.

Personally I prefer scatter guns though.

whys that?

More shots, comparable dps. Maybe even better dps. The double barrel ones are really fun.

18 pellets on mine, it’s a bangstick

oh man thats so awesome, what platform do you play on? i just found one the other day that was x21 pellets

I’m on PS4. I’m constantly on the look out for others. I’ve not seen one like yours either. I think 16 is the next highest i’ve seen for Jakobs.

this is the one i found

I think this is the one I have as well, if those are the offline specs for it

Yours is more damage. Mine has 10% crit but i don’t think it would make up for it

cant wait to see what the perfect roll looks like.

Not mine but i saw a 324x25