Jan 16 to Jan 30 event (s)

How are people liking this event so far? I haven’t farmed any one boss enough to know if I’m seeing their unique drops more. But I can confirm that rare spawns seem to be showing up consistently. And I have seen a ton of anointed gear since last night. I’m finally getting enough to be picky about some of these anointed items. I think I have some of the dedicated drops already because of this event.

Are people seeing the dedicated drops more frequently?

Raid scaling seems noticeable.

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Anointed for sure are dropping like flies.

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  • Don’t like that I have to split my time between the 2 events.

  • Can now one shot everything and reach Wotan in 5min (without Mayhem)

  • Wotans ridiculous adds are no problem anymore but he himself still downed me quite easily in later phases.

  • Rare spawns show up for sure but I still haven’t seen a Legendary drop, they just keep dropping greens for me.

I’m not having as much fun because they nerfed the raid :frowning_face:.

As a Zane main I should be excited because the hotfix included buffs to two anointments that I use regularly but instead I’m bored because with the nerf of the raid there is now no place in the game challenging enough where I can take the new anoints out for a real play test. :weary:

But It’s all good though. It’s a limited time event and I’m glad that those who have not been able to complete the raid due to matching making issues or the lack of gear or skill will now have an opportunity to at least experience the levels, enemies, and sound design first hand. They’ll miss out on the challenge that it offered but some challenges aren’t for everyone.

As for the Farming Frenzy event, I don’t farm so nothing lost nothing gained. For you farmers out there, I hope your drops are like a good Halloween haul. Where it’s all snickers, skittles, and twix and no candy corns nor raisins :laughing: .

I have host of good books that deserve my attention and when I feel like some BL3 I have some Zane proving grounds speed run videos to make for a couple folks that asked for them.

Wait so you don’t farm and the takedown isn’t a challenge for you? You got red flags all over for getting your gear in unnatural ways lol.


I got further up the map with MTD. I don’t if that’s because I’m using my Moze instead of Zane. It felt the same to me. If it is scaled, I hope I can finish it before it’s over. That’s not a lot of time for me. I might two more nights I can dedicate to gaming.

Loot drops??? dunnoh, I get a bucket load of legendaries after finishing DLC. Some nice epics too.

Anybody else notice a difference with MTD?

A lot of it came from me since I do a ton of farming. :smiley: I send him among other people a lot of extra stuff, he also does a lot of trading on Discord and forums.

Was it even challenging after Seein Dead though? I mean that COM already made it so easy I got bored in less then a week and haven’t played Zane really since. I recommend taking this time to maybe branch off to another VH :slight_smile: Moze or Fl4k would be good choices if you are looking for a different type of challenge. I can tell you if you don’t go cheese with like transformer+chuck or something and do a normal build, solo scaling Moze takedown feels like 4 man scaling Zane takedown lol. Fl4k is a whole different type of challenge since he’s squishy so it’s more about kill or be killed, pretty fun too!

I’m traveling and can’t check it first hand till Monday - how did they implement scaling of MT? Just made it easier for a single player and you have no control to set difficulty via a slider or something?

I’ll probably try it - was avoiding it before because I don’t feel like super hard content is for me, based on previous raid bosses.


Love the new scaling, increased anoint drop rate and Anointments changes so far. Hoping they make some of it permanent. If people don’t like the scaling for the raid, I get that, but maybe they should create a toggle or somethin to make it scale by player.


I’ve gotten 2 Queens Calls from Tyreen so far. That’s 2 more than I got in all of my time farming her before this event.
Tried M4 Agonizer for an EMP-5 but didn’t get ■■■■ in 2 runs which took me forever ('cuz, you know, it’s M4 Agonizer), only a weaponskin and a relic.
Tried the raid twice but couldn’t get past Valkyrie squad. First time I accidentially fell of the map and second time my game just froze two thirds through the fight. I then just concluded it wasn’t meant to be.

If you had mule accounts under different user profiles, you could park them at the entrance for higher player count scaling? Or offer to power-level toons for others and achieve the same result?

:thinking: :outbox_tray:


The difference is that you don’t feel like you’re playing on Mayhem 4 on Mayhem 1 anymore. In other words, the enemies are actually killable without either wasting 5 mags on them or having a perfectly minmaxed build with god tier anoints.

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If you remember I was clearing the raid regularly even before the Seein Dead com :grin:. The only time this raid was hard was my day 1 clear and that was because I was still figuring it out and making a ton of mistakes. But even with the com it can be challenging depending on build. And that’s what I liked about it. I could take a build in I’m working on and stomp or be stomped. But with the nerf I’m unstompable :grin:. For example, my Hellwalker mobbing build, though a good build, was not a raid build. But guess what? It is now! :weary:

Just so I’m clear, I’m not killing Wotan with the Hellwalker. I’m just murdering mobs in ways that wasn’t possible before the nerf.

What so this guy is handed some of the best stuff then complains about the challenge, as someone who grinded way to many hours just to not get the right gear gotta say it angers me they complain about lack of challenge when they dodged the grind which is kinda is the challenge.


Networking, mail system. I got some of my best gear the same, found some of my best gear. I also helped other people get their best gear too. Why get mad over something like that? Congrats for them to get what they needed. I still have work to do but why get upset over someones success?

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Hmm … I like the sound of that :grin:.

Oi! Anybody need help with raid?

No difficulty slider. It’s party size scaled and the scaling seems to be implemented in terms of enemy health and spawn densities. I know for sure that enemies have less health when I realized that I no longer needed to do elemental matching for the most part. The spawn densities for the 1st part of the 2nd half felt lighter to me and it definitely felt lighter in the Wotan fight.

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I mean simply answer is I don’t have great gear, if GB listens to him and makes the game harder I start to fall behind even though I may have put in more time farming and playing the actual game instead of networking. If the easiest way to get gear is trades and networking instead of playing the game I think that is a flaw.


It doesn’t matter how he has his gear. It’s legit gear and having it because he farmed it or because I or someone else gave/traded it to him isn’t going to change the amount of player skill required in the raid or how challenging the raid feels. He doesn’t like to farm he likes to make builds and run the more challenging contents, slaughters , raid etc. I don’t see the issue.

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I’ve been beating the raid since day one, before @kabflash, myself, and others formed our trading cabal and started trading stuff back and forth. So no I don’t need the best gear to beat the raid. I just like having the original raid difficulty available so I can test the effectiveness of the so called “best” gear.

Also, because I don’t farm doesn’t mean I don’t get gear. BL3 is insanely generous with legendary drops! True it’s not all perfectly anointed god rolls but almost all the high quality legendaries drop for me as world drops and that’s enough gear to comfortably do M4 and the raid with a little bit of sweat.