Jax, the Interplanetary Cyber Cowboy [BL3 Character Contest Concept]

Tl;dr A youtuber by the name of Dawhveed was holding a cool contest, where we were all able to our BL3 character concepts. I won 3rd place, and today I’m going to be sharing my character concept here. Also here’s a link to the video showing the winners of the contest!

Jax, the Interplanetary Cyber Cowboy

Jax is a 30-something year old mercenary-for-hire and vault hunter, who originally comes from the planet Astraea. He’s a cyborg and a former Jakobs employee, who is known for his love of money, booze, and women (and sometimes men).

Blue Tree

This tree would be called Sharpshooter. The Sharpshooter tree would mainly have skills that focus on improving gun damage, critical hit damage, accuracy, and reload speed. This tree is all about dealing damage, while taking on a sniping playstyle.

Action Skill - Laser Pointer Hunting Rifle: This action skill would basically be a Hunting Rifle with a laser attachment, that allows you to automatically aim/shoot at any enemies within the
rifle’s reticle.

Skill duration: Medium
Skill cooldown time: Long

This skill works like an aimbot, and only targets enemies within it’s reticle. Whenever you use the action skill the Hunting Rifle is put in place of your current weapon, only being out for the duration of the skill. This skill is also capable of scoring headshots.

Augment 1 - Elemental Capacitor: Jax’s Hunting Rifle is now equipped with an elemental capacitor. The Hunting Rifle takes on the element of the last gun used before the action skill was active.(If the last gun used wasn’t elemental, the default element will be set to fire)

Augment 2 - Deadshot: Jax’s Hunting Rifle is now equipped with a scope and sight. This augment increases the range, reticle size, and accuracy of the Hunting Rifle.

Augment 3 - Shadowstalker : Whenever Jax uses his Hunting Rifle, he becomes temporarily invisible as long as he isn’t taking damage. When taking damage Jax becomes uncloaked, but gains movement speed in turn.

Capstone - Return to Sender: Now whenever Jax takes damage to his shields and health while using his Hunting Rifle, the damage taken is returned back to his enemies. When you aren’t taking damage, critical hits make your Action Skill cooldown shorter, and have a chance to return ammo to your backpack.

The capstone effect switch isn’t immediate, it takes 5 seconds for the effect of this capstone to switch when not taking damage.

Action Skill cooldown when scoring critical hits is reduced by 10%
Chance for ammunition to return to your backpack is 5%

Green Tree

This tree would be called Big Iron. The Big Iron tree focuses on survivability, debuffs, health regen, and action skill cooldown. This tree is about increasing your tankiness, and weakening your enemies.

Action Skill - Gunslinger: This action skill would be a Jakobs-style Revolver that damages and debuffs enemies.

Note: The revolver deals Radiation damage and would be comparable to King’s/Queen’s Call in terms of functionality, strength, and viability.

Skill duration: Medium
Skill cooldown time: Medium

Augment 1 - Guns N’ Roses: Killing enemies with Gunslinger replenishes health, or shields depending on which one is lower. The amount of health or shields replenished, is relative to the amount of damage that was taken.

NOTE: If shield is higher than your health, killing enemies with this augment will replenish health. If your health is higher than your shield it will replenish your shield. This effect is only active when the action skill is active.

Augment 2 - Elemental Reflector: When Gunslinger is active, a portion of status effect damage taken is reduced, and converted to a damage buff for your revolver.

Augment 3 - Hotshot: Now when Gunslinger is active it fires four projectiles per shot, these projectiles can ricochet and hit enemies, but at the cost of reduced damage.

Capstone - Double Trouble Showdown: Now whenever you use “Gunslinger” it allows you to duel wield, and your secondary weapon gets a 20% damage buff. (The Revolver is a fixed weapon, and the second weapon is the currently equipped weapon upon activation of this skill.)

Note: The secondary weapon damage buff ends when the Action Skill ends.

Orange Tree
This tree would be called Rawhide. The Rawhide tree mostly focuses on melee damage, movement speed and disarming foes. This tree is all about slowing and evading your enemies, making it easier to escape tough battling situations, or making it easier to deal damage to your foes.

Action skill - Digistructed Whip: This action skill would be a digistructed whip, that damages any enemy hit with it.

Skill duration: Medium
Skill cooldown time: Short

Augment 1 - Blazing Saddles!: Allows Digistructed Whip to deal incendiary damage to enemies upon Action Skill end.

NOTE: The incendiary effect takes place 2 seconds before the action skill ends, and only affects enemies hit within the radius of the skill.

Incendiary Damage Duration: 5 seconds

Augment 2 - Keep Rollin’: When Digistructed Whip is active movement speed is increased for a short period of time, and you gain bonuses to reload speed and weapon projectile speed. The lower your health bar the greater your movement speed and bonuses are.

Note: The bonuses to reload and weapon projectile speed happen after the action skill ends.

Reload and Weapon Projectile Speed Bonus Duration: 2.5 seconds

Capstone- The Judge, The Jury, and The Executioner: Now the Digistructed Whip can disarm any enemies, within the radius of the whip for a short period of time.

NOTE: Once you get this capstone the radius size of the whip is increased, and you can now disarm four enemies with it at most. The disarm duration is decreased depending on how many enemies were disarmed at one time.


Gun: When Gunslinger is active, reloading your revolver reloads all of your equipped guns.

Gun: When Laser Pointer Hunting Rifle is active, it takes on the manufacturer benefits of the previous gun you were using.
Grenade: On Action Skill End gain 15% health from grenades, and 5 seconds of status effect immunity.

Gun: When Digistructed Whip ends, gain 20% reload speed and movement speed for 5 seconds.

Shield: On Action Skill End, your shield instantly recharges, and you instantly regen 100% of your health.

Class Mods

Disciplinarian: Now whenever you whip enemies with your Digistructed Whip, they temporarily become your allies.

NOTE:The max amount of temporary allies you can have remains at “four”

D3adSh0t: When Jax gets a second wind, his critical hit damage is increased by 120% with his Laser Pointer Hunting Rifle. This effect has a 25 second cooldown.


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