Jennerit Chars loadouts, tips, and tricks

Well as we find ourselves gearing up for a Lootpocalypse and Quad XP, im about to give the rest of my beloved Jennerit sum much needed attention.
So as it says in the top and why you clicked here,
Shoot me some info on how you run Deande, Rath, Caldarius, Ambra and Ol Attikus.
Please and Thank you.
Your the real rockstars out there :wink:

Is this for pve play specifically? Lore clearing? Just to level the characters? What are we doing here?

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Well im looking mostly for PVP builds. But i will also be working on all Lores forneach as well, so to answer your question…
D. All of the above :smiley:

There are two accepted builds. One utilizes high shield and skill damage to Burst people down with Burst Dash. For that you’d want her legendary or shield recharge delay, skill damage with shield, and shield with skill damage. For meleeing, usual VoV and VoZF with a shard gen works.

You can go skill damage or attack damage really. Extra health can’t hurt, although he won’t typically survive for 180 seconds so 60 seconds after resplendent may work better. Goal with him is to always have more kills than deaths. That sounds obvious but it seems to be difficult.

Attack speed, movement speed, regen, and skill damage are all solid choices. Use triplebang woth bleed for wave clear and harass with nice crits. Always jump.

may need building gear just to get going. But otherwise, attack speed and damage. He has probably the best attacking in the game with helix choices.

Level one is a choice of support or killing your enemies easily. Everything else is usually obvious. Her mutations are great, so you’ll be taking most of those. Skill damage and healing are good. I also take the symbiotic gauntlet for a little extra health and more damage when chasing

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Deande: Biggest shield possible, dash focus and attack speed. Engage with your holotwin, dash, few hits and kill or disengage. Hit and run. Engage from the sides or behind. Only ult if assisting allies as it stuns you longer. Thrown fans are better than you think.

Atticus: My man! Attack speed and tenacity? is incredible. Early game run in and jump away. He’s slow to grow but you become immense from 5 onwards.


I love attikus. One of the guys on your list I’m super good at. This guy can (handily) take down double thralls solo very early on with almost no health loss.

I us purple skill damage, with attack speed +, Purple Attack speed with health + and his lore legendary.

Once you get the 60% damage to a target and attack speed helix it’s almost all over with.

I also go with the 35 regen helix, I think it’s not a common choice, I like it though.

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Using Caldarius, am i suppoaed to hang back with the supports and harass? Like what am i supposed to be doing? Im havin a terrible time so far with our bud here.
Any in game tips? Mostly PvP tips if ye can

Let me tell you how to Rath, my friend.

For gear, I run as much max health as I can get without using legendaries. Epic eldrid attack speed and attack damage with a rare eldrid max health. Because of Genetic Syphon the attack damage and speed just gives him more survival.

For leveling I always recommend slow at level one for PvP and wave form smash for PvE. ALWAYS go for Anger’s Echo at level two. It can be a 50% damage increase if used right. Level 4 go for silence. Level 6 go for damage on crossblade. Level 9 go for the extra damage with crossblade. Everything else is situational or your choice.

Rath can combo his skills very well but you need to know when to use them. Catalytic smash is one the most versatile moves in the game but most people use it to set up an easy hit with crossblade. Here are some ways it can be used:

  • A teammate is being chased and low on health, use Catalytic Smash to stop their attacker.

  • A teammate gets pulled in and stunned by Ghalt or Galilea, knock them in the air and your friend will recover from the stun

  • Enemy is running away from a fight and your team doesn’t have the chase power to kill him/her, guess what only Caldarius and Benedict and run while knocked in the air.

  • Minions, Elite bot, and/or thralls are at the sentry then just knock them up and stop them from damaging it.

You can hit someone with Crossblade and the Anger’s echo almost instantly if you aim for the ground behind them or jump in the air and attack from above.

Try to avoid initiating combat with Catalytic Smash or Crossblade. Open with melee and lower their health a little first then use your skills. They will be low on health, silenced and slowed. If you are fighting someone with a low health pool like Orendi then I would recommend opening with your skill because you can get enough damage with them that you might be able to kill them before or just after the CC wears off.

Rath is really good with wave clear and can actually heal himself doing it. It’s easy to hit an entire wave of minions and maybe a Battleborn or two with Catalytic Smash and most of them with Crossblade when they hit the ground.

For his level 5 helix and whether or not to use his legendary, I cannot tell you. I have played 160+ PvP matches with Rath and I can’t tell you what is the best choice. It comes down to your personal preference. I will say this though, the 11% bonus on melee will let you take double thralls with out losing health if you get critical hits and just tank the their shots. I want to use his legendary but stacking health on him works too well for me. (Note that if you choose Swordsman’'s Salve and have his legendary you can still get 10% life steal on skills)

Man, this post got a lot longer than I intended. Hope people actually read it this far because I saved the best advice for last.

Rath is great at setting up kills for your team. If you focus on one person and a teammate comes in and helps you damage someone while you have them slowed and silenced then one of you is going to get a kill most of the time. Ideally you have a Pendles come in and use injection while you are attacking someone or something similar. This requires some teamwork and coordination but it is amazing to watch someone just get destroyed and not be able to do anything about it. Pendles is just the first example to come to mind but ideally any of the assassin or assassin like characters would do well with Rath on the team.

Hope this helps anyone who wants to paint the battlefield red with Axiom, Praxis and Precept. I ended up going into WAY more detail than I planned to.


Hmm. I highly reccomend a PVE run or two. That’s where I clicked with him. Your goal is to be a midrange pressure pusher, occasional wave clear, assassination assistant or finisher, basically, just never stop shooting crits and use his dash to either confirm the kill or escape. Even better, take the jump at level 2, kill the guy and get thrown back into safetly. Basically, just do everything. He’s extremely versatile. You’ll find your playstyles eventually. Mine is hang back a lil bit and make all the Eldrids have to go back to their supply station by crit bombardment

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My Caldarius build is a little weird but it works perfectly for me. It boils down to doing what compliments your playstyle.
I use Caldarius to do several things, but i focus on drawing as much agro as possible by being a huge pest to the enemy team. If you’re playing correctly your enemies will rarely be able to land a hit on you. Double jump constantly and randomize/mix-up your patterns and change directions constantly. Focus on staying mid range, but mix it up and go close range for a second or two once in a blue moon (to keep your enemies humble and on their toes) before flying back to mid-range or even far-range. You can essentially draw agro like a tank, but you survive by evading your enemies and taking little to no damage… just constantly harass them and make them want to target you. Jump every where, cover a large area and jump around in front of all your enemies constantly shooting them and popping flash bangs, but remember that your focus is not to land all your shots, but to dodge all of theirs, you’ll end up landing some shots here and there… but that’s all it takes.

You also are great at turning any 1v1 into a 2v1. Just pop a flash at an enemy that your teammate is 1v1ing and lay some shots into them.

The gear I run for Caldarius is odd (like I mentioned), but it works for my play style. My focus on his gear is Shield Recharge Delay (s.r.d) with gear that also helps my reload speed and my recoil.
1 - White Shield Recharge Delay (s.r.d)
2 - Purple reload speed, with s.r.d
3 - Purple recoil, with s.r.d
If you get the right gear you can reduce his s.r.d (or any characters shield recharge delay, I suppose) down to anywhere from 1.00 second to 1.50 seconds. So your s.r.d goes from 3 seconds all the way down to around 1.00-1.50 seconds. This allows you to stay mid-close range even longer. You may get hit with a couple of good(lucky) shots here and there, but if you can dodge your enemies shots for just 1 second (or take cover for just 1 second) after taking a little bit of shield or health damage, then your shield is right back up.

Switch jump to your right bumper (on xbox) so you can constantly jump while keeping your thumbs on the analog for aiming (IE: halo’so bumper-jumper). It takes some getting used to, but once you got the hang of your escape skill being “A” and your jump being “RBumper”, you’ll notice a massive improvement to your caldy play.

Just be a pest, don’t die, dodge everything, and land enough hits to annoy your enemies by keeping their shields down and draining their health… make them mad and make them want to focus on attacking you. Also shoot down those turrets and minion waves with your tripple bangs. Just be the most annoying pest you can possibly be. You won’t get a ton of kills, but you won’t die and you’ll get a butt ton of assists.

A good tip for making yourself hard to hit, is to mainly focus on double jumping left and right (and diagonally). If your double jumping back and forward your enemy barely has to move their reticle to hit you, but if you’re moving left and right in random directions your enemy is seriously going to struggle to keep their reticle fixed on you.

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Does recoil really do all that much for Caldy?

For a shooter he seems to have the steadiest hands in the game, with very little lift when you hold down the trigger. I don’t play Caldy all that much, but from what I do, CD seems to have a bigger impact.

For ambra, if you want to slay. 0 cost sprint gear, legendary Shoes with movement and sprint speed, and I take extra health with more health on shield break.
No one escapes the beam of death HAHAHAHA.

The extra health is really good because it will activate on both her original shield and her overshield. This also helps with life steal, as it can replace your shield after it breaks and you can “heal” the extra health while taking damage.
The extra speed makes it very hard for people to run away and makes it easy for you to escape.