Jericho Boyo (A Zane Clone/Drone Build ft. Red Suit)

So a lot of people are saying the Jericho is an awful weapon. That it’s only good for team killing. Well, here I am hoping I can proof the naysayers wrong. I made a zip zooming Zane Clone/Drone build using the Jericho and Red Suit to create mayhem. Enjoy. :smiley:


I love me some radical builds but I still think you could kill me with it.

Nice glad to see someone else enjoys the Jericho…

It’s viable in SS too. I did it a while back before even Seein Dead was a thing. Now that we have Seein Dead it’s potential is even much greater. Especially now that we have the SNTL 100% Cryo(though using this will mean you can kill yourself but it will wreck armor).

Matter of fact I recently got a SNTL anoint one and I was meaning to revisit this. You’ve inspired(reminded!) me to go and play with it. :slight_smile:


So @Goodblue77 Thanks again for re-inspiring me to break out the Jericho and take it for a spin on Zane. So the SNTL cryo was a horrible idea. BUT I discovered something rather ridiculous due to the Seein Dead I happen to have for my rocket Zane setup:

–edit after continuing to play after this recording I realized the way to get launched up in the air and get a lot of movespeed and airtime is by not jumping just sprinting.

True Takedown viable too btw :slight_smile: Without even an anoint.

Yep I’ve completed Slaughter Shaft as well with the build. I see you are using a Nova Red Suit. How well does it perform? I have one with double AMP and one with double Power Charge but that only has around 2k shield.

lol no idea with that +splash radius I can’t see whats going on lol. It has 1 amp roll and the nova not exactly great just my only one with +15% sntl move speed.

I might try a double Nova shield and see how useful that is. Maybe I should just farm for a lvl 53 Red Suit with double Power Charge. The cool thing about Power Charges is that the clone can also drop the charges.