Jericho Friendly fire is more not intentional design

Jericho Friendly fire is more not intentional design. By that I mean a bug, by that I mean poorly tested game mechanic. By that I mean a sting of disappointment of what BL 3 is vs what it was…

But regardless of the endless bickering please can we fix this issue, it has become the bane of my life trying to use it in any co-op capacity.

For the love of god and all that is holy, fix the friendly fire on the jericho!

We are the testers. You have rockets, how can you not check for friendly fire?

Why should I have to test for FF in a PVE game? Do I have to test everything?..

Oh wait… Yes, Yes we do…

I’m diablo 3, beide they release gameplay related patch, they have 1-2 week of public test server and forum for people to test and give feedback.

If you enjoying testing for them, and a lot of people are, as there is always long queues for participants, but most people ain’t.

After testing and people giving feedback. Then only will they release the patch to public. Sure not everyone will be happy with the patch, but at lest it has been tested. This is far better than the “throw whatever we have to the wall and hope they stick approach” from Gearbox.

Who thought it is a good idea to add more terror items in the game where there are storage issues?

Even with 13 mules, it’s a pain, and I have to spend 20 mins per day to sort through the items .

Yeah theres a PTR for a reason. Which even games like pubg has now.

Theres no excuse to not have PTR if your going to use us as testers. I too have a dozen mules and now im bursting at the seam. I thought the end game of a looter shooter is the loot - to collect every variant and best bit of gear you can find? Not whatever the current meta is.

It would be great if we could have a full game, not whatever this abomination of a build is.

There is a great game here, it just seems that its being run by people with little vision or no experience.

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