Jesse McKrieg - The Law and Order Psycho

OK so been running this build since Krieg was released on the Xbox 360. It’s been very reliable for me has massive damage outputs for melee, ultimates, the guns in my current set-up and over all sustain. My character named Jesse McKrieg is sitting at OP 8 and has a very hard time staying down. So i was wondering what the community thinks?


##LOADOUT: - All gear in this build is OP8

Heart and soul of the build giving more points to some useful perks.

Another great choice for that extra sustain and boost to health.

Never leave Sanctuary without it. Even more sustain with good rounded damage and the slag means even more pain to dish out.

This shield is the BOMB when partnered with Law. Gives you an small shield which helps mitigate the dmg you take from both enemies and the Hellfire tree keeping you alive a little longer and the life-steal when Law is equipped is a godsend.

SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND! Enough said, makes the build work and does somewhat decent damage. Although in higher levels it is more used to provide that life-steal.

All around awesome the Butcher is a great shotgun of choice. Most of the time with this build I have never needed to reload.

On this build Ruthless Topneaa is king, the reduced ammo cost with the scaling max ammo means this rocket will rain down damnation on all the poor souls below. SOME MATH: 6 rockets *2 (rough guess for reduced cost) = 12 (no bloodlust) * 2.5 (max bloodlust) = 30 rockets give or take. My math sucks

The end for most baddies, although sometimes i switch this out for other automatic guns this is my goto.

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You can definitely afford to take 4 points out of ToTK, 50% overkill damage is plenty. Also, the points in Taste of Blood (or whichever the one is that makes you stay in rampage longer) are an acquired taste, but can be moved elsewhere as well.

An OP8 melee build with a roid shield and no StV is kind of weird, but if it works more power to you!

I’ve tried a StV-less melee build at op8 with both hellborn and bloodlust and a Hide of Terramorphous but ended up favouring the extra health + damage resistance from the Rough Rider.

As far as I remember, the HoT + Rubi combo had enough damage for op8 but I didn’t really enjoy using as much as the Rough Rider + StV combo with Hellborn.

One question though, have you ever tried a Blood of the Ancients relic instead of the Blood of the Seraphs? a max status can give you up to +62% health.

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No I haven’t tried Blood of the Ancients but I’m definitely liking the extra health and launcher ammo boosts. Time to go hunting. :slight_smile:

Interesting build. I’d love to see gameplay videos!

Second this.
I do like seeing the Law + Order combo getting more appreciation.

I use it with my melee zer0

I’ll see what I can do.