Jim F****** Sterling

Looks like the state of Battleborn’s post-launch fiasco is set to receive its own episode of Jimquisition. I wonder how Randy Pitchford will mishandle his reaction this time. chews popcorn


Oh nice! I only discovered this guy yesterday after someone mentioned him on these forums. He’s hilarious! I was planning on posting the video he made about OW’s microtransactions and telling people to substitute OW for BB, but if he’s doing a dedicated video on BB now then that’s even better!

I clicked on this and got really confused. After about approximately 12 seconds I realized in a brainsplosion “Ohhhh I’m thinking of Scott Sterling.” Not knowing who this guy is I’ll just see myself out… Speaking of sterlings


I put you in to the general discussion section.

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Yeah, i saw his Tweet, and i can’t wait to see his next Jimquisition.
He really like the game, and i’m kinda curious to hear what he think now.

I’m also curious about TB’s opinion (He liked the game too), but he is not really on Twitter anymore.

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A lot of gaming personalities had praised battleborn during beta, and then it got released.

Just a note, you spelled his name wrong.

It’s “Jim F**king Sterling, SON!


Even Totalbiscuit did two videos about Battleborn, one just speaking about the game and another comparing it to Overwatch so people learned once and for all that they are different games.

I’m still waiting for TB backslash on all this, with the sales down the pipe, less and less people playing, not a sure thing about the season’s pass and the T2 skin debacle…

Totalbiscuit recently defended micro-transactions in overwatch, so I think it’ll be weird if he comes out against Battleborn doing it.


Jim Sterling is a vulture who picks the carcasses of dead games and then waddles to the next hype train.


I don’t think he defended the Battleborn model exactly. I’ve heard him give harsh criticisms to these premium currency schemes in the past because they do exactly what Gearbox is doing here. They make it so you can’t just buy a skin, they by design made it so you will always pay them more money than what they’re charging for their products. It’s a form of deceptive advertising. In the case of Overwatch ALL of the loot is available in loot boxes and loot boxes can be bought directly for cash. There’s no premium currency system and there’s no cash only loot. That’s a very different implementation to what we have here.

When the market leaked the other day that allowed premium currency for bank slots, loadouts and xp/credit boosts I understood that that was the plan all along. That’s why the game’s a grindfest. That’s why loadouts and bank slots are even unlockable at all rather than just letting people have as many loadouts as they please. That’s why it takes so long to save to unlock a DLC character with credits. Those features were designed from the start to operate with a premium currency in the mix.

Jim Sterling? You mean the otaku fetishist who’s lashed out at various minority groups before, shown prejudice only to later delete tweets, and is generally just a skeevy, loud, and unpleasant person?

I don’t pay much attention to most Internet celebrities because they are just unpleasant. The closest anyone has come to being an Internet celebrity that I like is IkiFoo on Youtube. Why? He’s lovely, and he doesn’t like just screeching at games, clawing like a being possessed for his chunk of flesh. That is a thing that many Internet ‘celebrities’ do and I’m tired of it.

All Jimmy boy is doing here is using schadenfreude and spectacle to his advantage. He’s basically the Rush Limbaugh of video games. I really can’t pay any attention whatsoever, and I can only shake my head at those that do. Even Angry Joe is less of a self-aggrandising, skeevy showman, even he won’t steep to the levels that Jim does to make a name for himself.


Somehow, while you are right to say OW and BB are implementing MTs differently, I feel the most deceptive one is definitely OW’s.
Battleborn’s sold skins and taunts are only available through the market, which makes it a binary choice : either you buy them, or you don’t. Overwatch on the other hand work on frustration : the lootpacks have been nicknamed “spraypack” because they mostly contain … Well let’s say nothing interesting. True there is also IG currency you slowly, sloooowly farm ( though those same lootpacks! ), which makes the system work on both frustration and impatience. Though that impatience can be quite legit when you only gain one lootpack per level.
Ultimately, this leads players to “break” and throw some cash to try and HOPE getting their skin, or at least currency to buy it. It feeds on negative emotions, whereas right now, BB system is entirely impaired by negative emotions : if people don’t like that system, or find it too pricy, they just won’t use it.

It’s like one of those systems was repeateadly poking you all the time to try and get you to buy the “shinies” while the other was just reading the news while you browse.
Ultimately it’s a choice in both case. Just that one of them is trying to orient your choice constantly.


Well, i like his work and i hope he will at least brought up that the micro-transaction plan for Battleborn was first brought up before Launch (and even before the Open beta) but i saw too many gamer site, thought they reported before that very GBX blog talking about this in the past, made the claim the micro transaction was a sudden ill conceived move due to low sales. I sure do hope he’ll at least point out that “you pay for what you buy” compared to OW’s model of “random loot”.

Other then that, he’ll probably talk about the long queue time, the lack of training mode (still waiting btw GBX) and probably the difficulty curve players have to face when they successfully get queued to a match. Add that to how major critics weren’t pleased with the Open Beta and yeah it won’t be pretty.

It would be weird but then I’ve seen a lot of hypocrisy on that front. Several people who praise OW to the hilt are somehow having an issue with BB doing the same darn thing. And, to save myself the inevitable “Everything in OW is free”, that’s only true in a technical sense. In reality people are paying for loot boxes, why? Because the whole loot box system is designed to be frustrating and addicting and get you to pay for it (As Jim Sterling covered). It’s pretty much the same strategy Blizz has in Hearthstone, another “free” game that people have spent hundreds of dollars on. If you have the patience of a Buddhist monk, you can play all for free, in reality, most folks will shell out cash. Now, even though I’m on the Battleborn forums, I’m going to sit back and wait for someone to sing the praises of Overwatch and tell me how much better a game it is because, I don’t even know why, seems like someone who really loves Overwatch should be over on their forums. sigh

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Thank you, I’m glad someone gets this. Too many people just seem to ignore this and that really works in Blizzard’s favor. It’s the same deal with Hearthstone, that game is totally pay2win but since everything technically can be earned for free, no one on the HS forums will admit that. Which, honestly, I don’t mind that it’s pay2win, Blizzard is a company not a charity, I just wish people would be honest with themselves.

In fairness, OW is not pay2win, but the loot box system is basically gambling and designed to suck money out of you. I would have thought people would object to that in a full-priced title, but no, no one cares.

There are 2 important facters here.First BB microtransaction will affect gameplay(exp,money boosters and loadouts).Second thse items are unobtainable by in-game currency.Loots in overwatch are pure cosmetics and obtainable by in-game currency which are the points tb brought up to defend the game.The same couldnt be said about BB.

Yes, while they are hiding the fact they want to put in some game-affecting elements behind purely rethorical questions (“what would you like to see in the market? what about XP boosts?”), they surely intend to do it at some point… Right now though, it’s not there yet - Loadouts are somehow on the fence but it’s not such a big deal.

I was merely pointing out the way the game/editor was trying to get you to buy stuff, and I think “deceptive” applies better to the way Overwatch does things. In the words of @jmorales20, it’s pure gambling. And gambling is an addiction. so they are essentially playing on a potential addiction to push people to buy their stuff.
Battleborn, for now, doesn’t work like that. Either you buy it or you don’t get it.

But well, really, it’s a hard thing for bought currencies to find a way to both get the approval of players and make profits to the company…


I noticed this also, big time. Gothalion (who was one of the biggest Borderlands fans/streamers on Twitch) was talking up Battleborn a ton a couple months back. He was in the closed tech tests last year and played with his regulars (Broman and crew) during beta. Since then…nothing. Nada. Zip.

It’s as much of a gambling as buying yugioh or magic the gathering packs.Lootboxes are obtained at an acceptable rate too(1 box /an hour and a half).