Jim F****** Sterling

That isn’t an acceptable rate IMO. To each their own though.

I concur. Overwatch really jacked up in this front, I think.

Now, in fairness, yes, the assorted skins and taunts and whatnot are purely cosmetic - getting them or not isn’t gonna effect how the game handles.

However, you’re not gonna come across many people who aren’t gonna try and make their favorite character “theirs” in some way, as ol’ boy Jim f**king Sterling, son said in a recent Jimquisition. And making it so that you can only get the aforementioned skins and taunts and whatnot through loot boxes (including the in-game currency; as another user said, you can only get that through loot boxes) is pretty inconvenient.

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Might watch it.

I don’t like Jim much but interested to hear what he has to say. Will this thread be updated when he has done so?

I don’t see why not. Although my internet connection has been down since the power went out earlier today so I might not be online much for the next week if they need to send a tech out to fix it.

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I don’t have a problem with what overwatch is doing. They’re upfront about what a loot box does and gets you. Battleborn on the other hand is straight up falsifying the prices of their products by hiding them behind a convoluted pay scheme designed to extract as much money as possible.

I’ll also point out that the quality of the overwatch skins is much better than what’s offered on battleborn.


The microtransactions in ow sounds very similar to the black ops 3 system (correct me if I’m wrong) but this is based off of luck. You are essentially gambling to get that cool thing you want. I find this much more deceptive.

With the battleborn method of giving us exact prices for an exact itemwe, can’t be deceived.

The way i see it anyway, is that the “leftover” platinum will eventually lead into getting something else that is guaranteed.

In my opinion this is more honest than gambling.


I’ve only watched a few of his videos, but as I recall, the ■■■■■■■-ish nature Jim puts on is actually satirical in nature. Kind of like how Stephen Colbert in his old show was a “right wing” reporter, Jim’s just bad at it.

Microtransactions are kind of necessary evils in games like Overwatch and Battleborn, they need a long term source of income to remain profitable projects. But I would take Battleborn’s over Overwatch’s any day. The gambling aspect just sits wrong with me.

Hold on, OP; I think what you INTENDED your title to be was: ■■■■ Jim Sterling.


So much this… The lack of transparency regarding BB’s skins and taunts is what hurt the most for me. Those customisations and cosmetics are very important in video games to me and - as dramatic as it sounds - I probably wouldn’t have bought BB if I had known that the tier 2 skins would be paywall’d. GBX games sell on their crazy, colourful characters and story. The story was very shallow and now ant decent cosmetics need to be bought separately to the $125 I already spent to buy the game. I take no issue with OW’s loot system and microtransactions because every single aspect of them and how they worked was crystal clear from the get go.

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