Jimmy Jenkins farming

Anyone want to join me in farming Jimmy J?

Are just trying to find him, and that’s what you mean about farming him?

farming him would normally just involve doing a bazillion LLM runs right, as he can spawn in their place?

He can, but he doesn’t have any drops in his loot pool. It would have to be a world drop for him to drop anything. Out there in the world of community mods that’s one of the first changes I recall them making, adding drops to his loot pool. I wasn’t sure if the OP was aware of that or not, so that’s why I asked a more general question.

ahh, I just assumed OP was farming him for the BAR achievment :slight_smile:


I was thinking that was the case too, but to be sure I was kept it vague. I hear people saying “farm” about trying to get loot drops more so than character spawns. I didn’t know if this was them just using the term flexibly or something else.