Jimmy Jenkins help

I’ve played through normal and tvhm with my Lvl 55 Kreig. He has every badass rank needed for the Challenge Accepted trophy, except for killing Jimmy Jenkins. Does anyone have a playthrough with the mission Doctor’s Orders so we can grind for him?

Why not start UVHM and try there? It’s really simple farm and you can do this alone.

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If you don’t want to farm/can’t farm the midgets in WEP, maybe consider the Opportunity method. Spawn, run left as though you’re heading for Foreman Rusty, and after one of the left hand barriers on the covered section are two chests, open those, see if you get Jimmy, if not quit and reload, and repeat the process. This is a bit of an old school method, but it does work. Also it doesn’t require any fighting, just run straight there and open them. It literally takes about 20 seconds to get there and open them, and obviously the time it takes to kill any midgets that pop out.

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Thanks for the strat, ill try it out

UVHM seems so much harder on the remaster than it used to be on my PC copy I bought many years ago. It’s so difficult for me to continue UVHM but that is the goal eventually.

I have some gear you may want, or a power level sesh :ok_hand:

Sounds great, my PSN is the same as my username :slight_smile: