Jimmy Jenkins spawn ps3

I have tried many methods for farming Jimmy and it isn’t happening I have doctors orders on normal mode and UVHM any advice or help would be appreciated PSN duckshoeninja currently playing on ps3 will start new game new character on ps4 after finding Jimmy

Can’t offer advice. RNG is RNG.

I can offer hope. I’ve seen him many many times on PS3.

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Well I think your hope really helped man he just popped out of box 2 for me I can’t believe it have been grinding that spot for 3 days now lol


Unfortunately he comes out only when he feels like it. I haven’t seen him pop out of those boxes for months. Then just the other day he came out twice in the same run!

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I never found him on Doctors Orders but in the boxes on the left path after you land in Opportunity.

If anybody needs or wants help on ps3 or ps4 finding him I’m more than happy to help and can u my docs orders as well if needed