"Job Title" Challenge Run

Hi ladies and gents, I decided to make a challenge run yesterday. It is still in its beta stage and i am planning to do some test streams on twitch for the BL2 community. I can add an attachment below of the spreadsheet. Any feedback/advice is greatly appreciated since its the first one i created. Also let me know if I am missing anything on the spreadsheet! (I am unsure if this is the right “category” to put it in.)


  1. Only use weapons/gear with a job title in the name
  2. BAR is allowed
  3. You can use ONE grenade ONLY (until you get Midnight Star in Pirates DLC)



Some of those are Ceremonial/ Honorific titles and not really Jobs, like Emperor or Avenger (just an adjective outside of comic books).

I’m all for creativity, but this can get sketchy Real quick. I’m assuming you are excluding using the prefixes Doc’s, Rustler’s, Cowboy, Marxman’s, Murderer’s, Royal, or Patriot.

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Maybe not in today’s society, but Emperor was a legit job during its time. I threw in some items in there (like baby maker, avenger, impaler) for the lols since it can go both ways. I am also excluding prefixes, yes. I mean the prefixes can be there, but it’s what the actual gear item name that counts (like Doc’s/Rustler’s Quad doesn’t count).



Also I would argue a birthright title or one earned by conquering is an anointing more than a job. It may involve effort, but that is strictly an individual choice, as there have been child Kings and Emperors that were meer figureheads.

Either way, that’s just me nitpicking. It’s an extremely limiting run but with the right build on the right character it would still be viable.

Now if skills were limited to a similar restriction it could get brutal.


Whether or not it is a legit job, there are people who make their living as AssBeeters at the local S&M clubs. :smile:


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