Joey Ultraviolets Cartel Villa new legendary loot?

At the beginning of this campaign I ran through with an L55 FL4K at M2 and got an Atlas OPQ. A single run through 3 sections yielded this legendary. I do not remember who gave it up.

Now I have run through the same sections with Zane at M7 (L57), which is quite painful (!), and over 30 runs… killed Joey 5 times just for good measure… and still not a single new legendary to be found. Not a one. Oh, other legendaries drop, so it is not a drop rate issue…Bunches of mods, M0 grenades, and Big Blaster shields pop up. None of which are interesting, and all I have seen before…incidentally useless at M7…

Where are the exclusive legendaries that were promised. It took me a while to be able to hold my own at L6 and now L7… where are my rewards for the effort?

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That’s odd, what system are you on? On Xbox I always get at least one of the new leggos from Joey’s crew at the end fight. Playing solo usually gets me junk on the way in though.

Running on PC. Am playing solo.

Hmmm hopefully someone may have an answer for you, because that seems REALLY off from my experience.

You do wait for the Hotfixes to apply don’t you? That’s the only thing I can think of and I’m not even sure that would do it.

It doesn’t seem odd at all to me.

I spent 5 hours killing the mini bosses in the villa at M10, hoping to get an O.P.Q System the other day. I got zero. Not even an unanointed one dropped.

It’s not just O.P.Q System. Every dedicated farming has been like that for me at M10. I killed Katagawa jr. 50 times 2 days ago and zero Sandhawk dropped, again not even an unanointed. GenIVIV was exactly the same with Reflux.

I honestly think the drop rate is broken for some people. I’m on PC also.

I have never seen a looter shooter that rewards players with less as the difficulty increases.


I don’t think this is odd. Read some of the other threads with an over abundance of people saying the drops are broken. It seems that with each level of mayhem the drops get worse and worse with M10 being really bad.

Not sure what the sweet spot is for getting the highest difficulty without impairing drop rate. I been alternating between M6 and M8 with mixed results. I feel like I should be on M8 for the right difficulty but it does seem like the drops are better at M6 so I’m torn on what level to play on.

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The drop rates are just poop. I got an OPQ on MM6 my first time through the Cartel. I’ve run it hundreds of times since and I haven’t had another one until today.

What I’ve started doing is when I kill Joey Ultra Violet, if Josie is there I kill her and then fast travel to the begining run back in and kill her over an dover.

Appreciate knowing I am not alone.

Hope GBX is reading all of these comments regarding loot drops and general imbalance within the new Mayhem. It is fun no matter what, but I “wants me” a properly scaled OPQ!

I ran the event multiple times on m10 and have all bar one of new legendaries m10 scaled, of course it’s the only one I cared to farm the OP Q system. Lost track of the number of event legendaries I’ve sold. I gave up m10 farming for a while a just started doing the event with every character.

I am finding that the OPQ-System drops for me from Josie and Freddie least frequently of all the Cartel legendaries. I have killed Joey at least 50 times and I have gotten 3 in that time. Honestly, although it is definitely a rare drop, that rate seems about right to me. I do seem to see a lot more Yellowcakes, Iceburgers, etc., along with just a buttload of world drops.

But your experience matches mine fairly well.

The best place to farm for the new legendaries is Scraptrap hands down.

Weird, even just collecting coordinates i am getting tons of cartel legendaries.

@nat_zero_six I must be holding my mouth wrong or something? I have farmed coordinates a boatload, and then I even got Freddie and Josie to spawn with Joey in the same run, kept killing them over and over and then killing myself so they would respawn. Still cannot seem to get OPQ-Systems. RNG be RNG?

Might be rng or gbox might have tweak something in the hotfix (disabling the drones).

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Uh, I haven’t played today, what did they hotfix?

2 days ago

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Ah, I hadn’t even really noticed but now that you mention it, I was playing yesterday and had to restart the game to load that hotfix. I had the drone modifier on at the time and didn’t see it after that. Makes sense now. I just had heard they fixed the audio. Did not know it removed them altogether.