John Cena as Duke Nukem?

(Wesker500) #1

God dammit Gearbox!

At this point there is less than no hope for Duke.

Even the man who pretty much is Duke is pissed about this.

Duke needs to get as far away from Gearbox as possible.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #2

I’m more concerned that Duke Nukem is up for a live action movie when franchises like Borderlands, Half Life, Halo, and even Gears of War exist if they’re going to do a video game remake. I’d even take a Quake movie if it really portrayed the invasion and retaliation of Earth across I, II, and IV.

As much as that guy voiced Duke Nukem, John Cena seems like a decent choice… he’ll look weird as a blonde if they go that route, but he is a beefcake. Did you catch him in Sisters as the drug dealer? :laughing:

(Hitman01232) #3

I don’t care who they use for Duke Nukem’s body just make sure his voice is voiced by Jon St. John.
STILL I think it would be better if the Duke Nukem rights were given to a different company that would know what to do with him.

(Damien Azreal) #4

Gotta love how everyone is freaking out over this…

This is not final. It is not set in stone, nobody has signed a contract. Did people miss the whole “in talks”, the fact that there’s no director, no screenplay or writer.
If this does happen… it’s still a LONG ways off.

It’s just funny to me how views jump back and forth. For years upon years people wanted a live action Duke film. It was a main bullet point of discussion at the 3DR forums.
Yet, now, when early talks about it start to happen… OH GOD NO…
It’s like only now do people realize that whatever actor they hire won’t sound like Duke.

Personally, I don’t really have an opinion.
People are acting like this would just kill Duke. Which is laughable. The Doom movie did not kill Doom, the Max Payne movie didn’t kill Max.
Assassin’s Creed is still going strong after it’s rather boring film.

(Sheriff) #5

I don’t see how John Cena could wreck a Duke Nukem movie: Either the movie is going to be the worst kind of suck (because…video game movies, right), or it’s going to be the right kind of awesome (because Duke Nukem, right)

If it sucks, Cena will not make it worse.
If it is awesome, Cena could not make it less so even if he pulled the worst acting performance ever

(Damien Azreal) #7

The main problem is how writers will approach such a project.
Since DN3D there’s been this flawed idea that Duke Nuke is a comedy series with action elements. The character is funny, the story should be hilarious… blah, blah, blah…

This is something even 3DRealms lost sight of while developing DNF.
With the majority of their interaction in the forums during DNF’s development being focused around what jokes and comedic moments DNF should contain.

People constantly lose focus and try to blame GBX for DNF’s tone. Yet, almost intentionally ignore the fact that 3DR wrote the story, and had the plot pinned down before their 2009 closure.
That Triptych had the campaign damn near entirely finished before GBX came in and rescued the game from the legal shackles that had it tied down.

Duke should be a serious character, in a serious setting… with a serious story. With the darker tones and elements of it slightly offset by a thin layer of sarcasm. Black humor and fleeting moments of sarcasm to break an oppressive tone.

But, any film that comes out… will focus on trying to make an action-comedy, or a comedy with action elements.
And, that’s not a flaw caused by GBX’s current ownership of the IP. It’s a problem that started growing and building traction shortly after DN3D’s release. Even the Plutonium Pak shows this, as it starts to push more and more comedic moments…

(Jakobs Public Relation) #8

I don’t think Cena has the nipples for it, dunno.

(GAR) #9

It should have the tone of Terminator 2. I’m not too afraid of the film being like Men in Black, after all, Bay’s company has produced quite a few horror movies. I agree, the film should be more horror than comedy. Dukes attitude and comments are what add levity to such a dismal scenario. Oh, and of course it needs attention to a great music score like Duke 3D had/has.