John Wick Zane vs 1P/M4 Maliwan Takedown

I was none too happy when GBX nerfed the Maliwan Takedown (MT) down to party size. But being the type of person that tries to turn lemons into lemonade I’ve been taking meme builds into the nerfed MT just for fun. Outside of my failed Woodblocker attempt this is the dankest of the meme builds.

It’s Dhal pistols made useful in TVHM/M4/MT ONLY because …

  1. MT is nerfed (i.e., 1P)
  2. They all have SNTL/cryo anointments
  3. SNTL/cryo got buffed to 100% damage
  4. Zheitsev’s Eruption (thank you @kabflash :grin:)
  5. Elemental Projector artifact

If not for 1-5 it would take hours to complete the MT with the guns used. I know this to be true because I tried it back when 1-4 wasn’t available and I kept running out of ammo before I cleared the first area. :weary:

I’ve named this build John Wick as an homage to the title character and movie John Wick where Keanu Reeves plays a legendary assassin whose skill with handguns is unparalleled.

The details of the build and gear is in the video and I’m too lazy to retype it here. :grin:


John Wick would have used an Executor(name fits better).

Good vid though :wink:

It’s a meme build so an Executor would have increased the length of the video.

I just got the joke! :laughing: Yes! An Executor does fit better thematically.

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That Wotan battle looked intense I thought you were gonna drop without your action skills up.

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