Join my battleborn group and help build a community

I created a club on Xbox called (Battleborn group) to to bring more Xbox one battleborn players together and grow the community. If you join I’ll make you admins and you can invite more people, friends included. We play Pvp mostly but PvE is ok too.

Couple of rules though:
● +18 years only
● All content is ok. But don’t start aggressive arguments with other players we are here to have fun and play the game we love
● mic is required
● And please help new members/players so battleborn community can grow


I’m in! How do I sign up?

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In community go to clubs and search “battleborn group” the pic is a Xbox logo with a suit on. I know that works but If you cant find it My GT is WastedEquinox send me a message and I’ll invite you (clubs is still new idk if you will get the invite if I send it) if your not a Xbox one preview member you might not have the club update yet. But I’ll still have this club open when the club update is public.

Ok I was about to say, I’ve heard nothing of these clubs, but I’ll check it out

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Aw man i have a mic but ironically I can’t even talk through it, I can only hear :confused: But my GT is The Lone Arch maybe your community of players and I will stumble upon each other or possibly have!

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The club is still small since not many people have the early access to the holiday update. The main reason I made this to to create a community you can call if you ever need help or teammates for Pvp and PvE. Also to make some new friends and help new players figure out how to play certain characters. (Because let’s be honest it kind of hard to get the hang of some characters) I’m planning to keep the club up for a long time so no rush to join.

I don’t like that people stop playing Battleborn because they die often in their first couple of matches because don’t understand a character. I want to change that and grow the fan base. Main reason i ask for mics so we can communicate easier. Maybe down the line when we have a good size of people I make mic optional.

My dream is to have a large community so you never have to wait 10 min to find teammates or have your allies or enemy team surrender because one player is dragging the team to the dirt. Never again have to grind a advanced or hardcore mission for some sweet gear by yourself. With dedicated fan base I think it’s possible. So apply when the update is public and I’ll be glad to have some true fans of battleborn as allies with or without a mic.

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I fought tooth and nail to get into the preview program but I was too slow
I’m a part of an XB1 FB group with 200+ members. Transferring them all to a XB group was a big goal of mine. Ease of access for members does nothing but help

I don’t have the update yet either but I’d like to join I want BB to be active so the wait times aren’t that long anymore.

GT SpazzmanNDQ

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I still have the club up I check every other day if someone sent a invite for the club so far no. Only 2 of us so far but hopefully when the update is up we can get the ball rolling and get more people.

I’m back with a mic! I play on the daily really. gt The Lone Arch

Are clubs in general release yet, or are they still for preview members only? Looking but not seeing anything here.

Unfortunately clubs is still a preview member thing. I haven’t seen or heard of a release date for the update. Most of the time when we get the preview update a couple of months in advanced. So hopefully not to long till the next xbox update.

Hopefully in time for the holiday season!

I could be wrong but I think the holiday update is public. Someone confirm? (I’m a preview member so I got it early and don’t know) if so I still have the [battleborn group] club up so join if the update is public

It is, but you may have to manually download it (like I did) if you don’t have automatic updates turned on - this one doesn’t seem to have any security fixes in it, so it’s not being pushed out regardless.

Also, there are a LOT of BB clubs, including several that have been advertised in the forums here. A bit unfortunate, that, but maybe the OP can differentiate their club in some way by making it a bit more specific? I’m still trying to figure out how these things work…

Oh cool. I just made this club because when I got the update there wasn’t a club for just bb