Join our organised multi platform Borderlands discord server


We want to be a community for everyone, so let’s quickly go over what we can offer:

Mature Community Environment
An in-depth experience system for you to level up your new vault hunters.
Very carefully set-up Discord Server
Welcoming Atmosphere
Carefully crafted Looking for group system
Looter Shooter background
A player base that wants to help
The community has a say in decision making

If that’s what you’re looking for we will happily welcome you and give you a place to continue to enjoy the Borderlands franchise while you wait for the long anticipated Borderlands 3.

No matter if you are a casual player or focused on progression then is Is the place for you.


Favorite Vault hunter, so far, is Gauge.

favorite vault hunter has to be maya so far, we shall see if 3 changes that

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Bathe in the MEAT CHUNKS! of course for me it got to be Krieg

Hello all I’ll see you on the server!
Easily my favorite vault hunter is Salvador, he is probably my favorite character to play in any game. I hope to have as much fun with whoever ends up being the most “zerker” class in 3.

tbh my favorite vault hunter Lilith, “Sup”

Fave vault Hunter is definitely zer0

Maya is by far my favorite Vault Hunter! I’m so excited that she’s returning in BL3! I’m also looking forward to playing as Amara! Her Siren abilities look amazingly powerful!

Hmmmmm my favorite vault hunter has to be Handsome Jack! He may have not been a playable one (well, there’s the doppleganger but I mean HANDSOME Jack), but I agree with Athena, he was a hero, but he died on that moon.

I think my fav vault hunter has to be claptrap, the voicelines just get me every time

Loved the sirens from both games!
But, the meat popsicle himself, Mr. Freddy Krieger, is my favorite!

Favorite Hunter? Has To Be Axton

My fav vault hunter is Zer0!

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Not at all sure why so many new folks are answering a question that wasn’t asked…But welcome to the forum!