Join the Botstompers today!

Are you tired of being crushed in PvP after a long wait? Do you never want to see salty teammates again? Do you need other people to play PvE or Bots Battle with? Are you Boldur looking for other Eldrids to join you? Did you purchase a loot booster and need people to get into matches faster? Do you want to play the occasional friendly private PvP match against other people of your kind? Are you the worst El Dragon, but still want to play him without causing a whole team to ragequit? Is your answer yes?


#join the Botstompers today!

This newly created group is a place to find other people to play with, no matter if you are new to the game or not. Skill and command rank doesn’t matter, it’s about having some fun in the game in a stress free environment!

  • Play missions or operations in any difficulty with other people (and get a second chance with the same team if you should fail it).

  • Play Bots Battle without having to wait for too long to complete lore challenges.

  • Play private PvP matches against other people from the group (ranging from chaos rumble to draft).

The rules to become (and stay) a member are very simple:

##Don’t be that guy/gal. You don’t know how to behave? You ragequit and whine all the time? You will be removed.

I’m probably gonna keep this group invite only, so if you’d like to join, add me on steam and message me. If there is any interest in this group I might try to organize some internal events, but I haven’t planned anything for now. If no one wants to join: At least I tried.

Also before anyone mentions it: Yes, this looks like a “dead group” and has no members and no logo for now. That’s because it’s newly created this evening.


I’m really sorry for using the dark art of necromancy in this thread here now. I know it’s against the rules but I beg the moderation team to allow me this in that case here, because I find it a little unnecessary to open another thread with almost the same contents.

I will attempt to reboot this group, first try sadly was a failure and didn’t turn out as expected (people joined, but only joining doesn’t create games). It was partially my mistake, because I probably relied too much on other people taking the initiative and I will try to change that.

My reason to try to reboot the group is something that started with an innocent reddit post yesterday. We played a few games in normal mode later (sadly only had time for two missions) and these two games were the biggest morale boost I had in ages.
Even someone like me doesn’t have any trouble to carry someone through normal mode and both games looked something like this
but, there were some points that made me smile during these two games:

  • Seeing someone just trying out different characters and having fun with them - even small stuff like seeing Marquis’ owls for the first time.
  • Playing with someone who sometimes just stops during a mission to listen to the dialogue and laughs afterwards - I tried to take out the pace as much as I could to not ruin the first time experience of e.g., listening to ISIC’s quotes in Algorithm. Hearing him on mic and witnessing him genuinely enjoy the game was really therapeutic for me.

Basically, yesterday happened outside the group what I’ve tried to achieve with the group. I really might be a teacher at heart (as one of my friends told me after reading that essay I posted a few days ago …). I’ve only played for an hour yesterday, but I enjoyed every minute of it, because I felt like I was a huge factor in increasing someone else’s enjoyment of this game.

There won’t be big changes to the group yet (maybe I’ll make it public, if people don’t want to go the long way to add me on steam, but I’d need some moderators first in that case).

I personally will change a few things how I interact with the group:

From now on I will be found in group chat whenever I just want to play with someone (no matter what, I don’t have any preferences), so if you see me in there just give me a call and tell me what you want to do.

This also means that I offer this group as a hub for people who can’t find a place in one of the private sessions that’s going on (I can’t be the only one who seems to be almost always a little late?) and I have a plea to the group members (e.g., @Rio, @LexAnarchy), if you happen to run into people who can’t join one of the private sessions and I’m online, could you send them in my direction (maybe with a warning that I’m not the best player and that I probably also start games without having a full 5v5 sometimes)?

Sorry, but the game is too much fun for me to let it die that easily, I’ll try to do something again and not only complain all the time.

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Oh so now I know what this group is for. When @Rio invited me, I thought it was just her being drunk telling me to join. xD

I sometimes queue in pubs hoping to get my dailies done, but then after 1h of wait I get invited to join a private game, which I usually accept. I always feel bad for the other 4 teammates (that I may or may not have found in 1h of queuing), so it’s a good thing I can send them your way now.

Thanks for your efforts to keep this community alive.

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Well, she basically gave it this name, because she called me that when we tried out the 3 player Incursion tutorial (I wanted to know if challenge progress counts in that mode, because it did for the single player version).

I found it a funny name for the group, because it should highlight a little that I’m not aiming for the full tryhard experience but just find some people to have fun with in the game. Name’s a joke, but my intention is just finding fun people to play with.

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Listen yeah I will have you know that I do play Battleborn perfectly sober sometimes!!

And sure @wrriddle I can try to do that. I haven’t been a great admin for that group have I (other than drag people in against their will) I’m kinda shy to organise and announce stuff in the fear that no one will really give a damn… :disappointed:


Don’t worry too much, I made you admin of that group against your will, I’m not really innocent. :stuck_out_tongue:
Let’s just try if it gets us anywhere, shall we?

But I won’t play today anymore, because I hurt my shoulder this afternoon and using a mouse is no fun at the moment. :frowning:

I’m down if someone cares to shoot me an invite. Been looking to get back into BB. Steam handle’s the same as on here.

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My steam is Rychonic do you have a discord?

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No, I didn’t create a discord for it.

I seem to be really bad at things like this group. Didn’t really turn out as expected. :frowning:


You did more than was asked of you, and more than the average player.

If I knew you’d be on the same times I’m available, I’d be happy as a clam to join in with you. That’s after 10:30pm EST (will be after 11:00pm EST starting next month, through mid-December) weekdays.

Pure PvP would be fun if there were more people playing, but there just haven’t been. Kind of a bummer. It’s a fun game. So, we have bots.

Much love to you, though. Again, you’ve done more with just creating and promoting that group, than have most players. And no one here who knows your name will ever doubt that you love this game and want to do your part to help it succeed. :slight_smile: Be proud of you. I am.


Thanks. I’m also mostly only available in the evening between 9pm and midnight - but I’m talking Berlin time. I’m really lucky I can play during peak times.

I’m still adding new people, I’m watching reddit to sometimes help “I can’t level up anymore”-trial players get into games by pulling them into european Bots Battle servers, I’m still playing Bots Battle and PvE just for fun.

I play a lot more public PvP though lately. And by play I’m talking about not being afraid of anyone who’s against me. Doesn’t turn out very well for me most of the time and I still get decimated very often, but it reached a point where I played a game and my Deande was called “the ultimate annoyance” afterwards by someone who has 1.3k hours more on their account than me and some people start to focus me down whenever they see me in a match.

I’m stubborn with this game, I’m not giving up on it, even if I need to take the long way to “git gud” to be able to fully enjoy the game.

Edit: I still take pride in (hopefully) being a good sport almost all the time. I’m trying to be respectful towards everyone I see and I’m really trying to not cause too much collateral damage when playing against inexperienced people.

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