Joining a Co-op Game - General Question

If I join a co-op game and the mission-in-hand is completed I will move through to the next mission stage. But my question is: do you have to start at the begining of the co-op mission to move forward or can you join at any stage of the mission? This weekend I want to get through the WEP and notice that several games are in progress that might make the journey a little less difficult. However I don’t want to join to be denied a passage through to the next stage because I joined in the middle of the mission.


You enter the mission at the closest checkpoint to where the host is, irrespective of the mission progress.

Thanks, but my query is: if in WEP I join a co-op game half way through, at say the vending machines, if I work as part of the team and we beat Bloodwing will I progress through to the next round at Thousand Cuts, even though I joined WEP half way through?


As long as you are present for whatever event finishes the current mission, like beating Bloodwing, you will get credit for the whole mission even though you were only there for a small part of it.