Joining LAN Co-Op game crashes host

You should have used pastebin, that way I would be able to provide the crash report to borderlands support.

Ok, here’s the log on pastebin

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Here you go. BL3_PC_INFO - Google Drive

Just a fair warning, after they looked over the files they told me it was an issue due to RADAR_PRE_LEAK and then had me do some troubleshooting, which didn’t fix anything.

Thanks but I already send them files after I downloaded the game and checked the issue myself, and they ran me through the same things as you, which fixed nothing, and they refused to add the issue as a bug. It was frustrating. I was so fed up I just closed the issue. Even after going back and forth for 14 days, the issue was not regarded as a bug, what a pathetic support.

That’s just ridiculous, what on earth is the matter with them. I’m finding them a very distasteful at the moment. These are real issues with the game they broke with the last patch.

Same issue here support refuses to file a bug report. Should I contact Gearbox or Steam for a refund? Don’t see a point owning $100 dollar game I can’t play.

Feel free to contact them, goodluck being put through the same hoops as us.

If you want to play with friends and LAN is your only preferred playstyle then I’d refund the game. However if you don’t mind using online or single player I guess it could be fun.

Hi, I was having the same issue where my house mate and I would try to play lan and who ever was hosting would crash when the other would join. Same issue with the fatal error message and all.
I did some fiddling and went through my setting to turn off cross play and see if that worked. It did!
I hope this might help some of you guys out obviously it won’t work if you’re playing with someone on another device but if you’re playing PC to PC this might work for you

Nah… just tried. Crossplay disabled on both machines and still… JOIN → DUMP!


Yeah so myself and my roomie play this together, and we had to switch to doing online coop, when sitting next to each other, which definitely makes the experience worse. This is genuinely frustrating, I’ve got terrible internet currently and I wanna play lan coop.