Joining other players shuts off my console

This has happened roughly 8 times since the games release. As I’m loading to join another player, my console will shut off without any sort of warning. This only happens when I try to join another person’s lobby. I’m using an XBOX One X. This is extremely concerning. I’ve never had a game shut off my console like this before.

I also want to bring up the fact that this game crashes more than any game I’ve played before. At least 20 times since the games launch my screen will freeze causing me to restart the game. I also have trouble just starting the game. More than any other game I have played, I will receive the message “Borderlands 3 took too long to load” followed by an error code.

I’ve never had any issues like this in previous installment of the franchise. It is extremely infuriating to deal with. My game has crashed on multiple occasion as a boss is about to die, which robs me of any rewards.

This should not be happening. I feel like my console is at risk just by playing this game. Maybe focus on fixing the bugs and matchmaking before prioritizing loot drop rates.


So I wasn’t having this issue until I switched my settings to favor graphics since the game is wigging out so badly on every setting in the game regardless. From everything that I’ve found I would switch to favor frame rate. As I said I didn’t have the problem of it completely shutting my console down until I favored graphics. Good luck.

Having exact same issues on my one x and when I’m able to join other players driving a vehicle is impossible…worry-sim to say the least. pls gearbox fix this I absolutely love Borderlands!!!

Same issue here. Joining a players game shuts my X1X off. It happens to my brother and friends as well and they have XBOne. The only constant is that it only occurs when joining games; that said, it doesn’t happen everytime, but it does happen at least once a day for me.

It does on my Xbox one x as well I have a newer Xbox one x it does it about once a day my friend is also having this problem and he just got the gears 5 Xbox one x neither of us has played since out of fear that it might damage our xbox it is a real shame we been borderlands fans since the first game hoping for a fix soon

Same issue here. I’m on an X1X. Happens multiple times daily. I hope they fix it soon.

Me and all my friends on Xbox X are having the same issue w this game and ONLY this game. It only happens when you are joining not hosting. They haven’t said a thing about this. It seems like they are ignoring it because they don’t know how to fix it yet. Feels like they are hoping the issue just goes away or people just get tired of complaining. This really blows because my buds and I all love BL but we can barely play together.

Just bumping this to remind GBX that this catastrophic problem has received zero public acknowledgement or response effort.

Everyone contact gearbox and news sites. Blow their Twitter up post on Facebook. This needs more attention. This should not have been going on for nearly 2 months now. If they’re hoping this goes away they’re gonna be very disappointed. I will not let it go away.

Make this as publicly known as possible.


Good call Dynzo, I am doing exactly that.

Ditto! Its bad enough I struggle joining games. Then when I’m about to get connected and poof! Console off! Issue still going on till now. Gearbox gents, please get a move on ang go have a look see.

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Yeah…it is still an issue to this day after release 2 years ago. However they are “aware of it” and “looking into it”…still…

But hey did you hear about their new game they are releasing next year? Maybe that one will not power off/consistently crash a console.

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