Joltzdude Poll Regarding Mayhem Levels

Very interesting seeing even such a high profile BL streamer /YouTube personality asking if M2.0 is good or not . I dont think I’ve ever heard him say he thought the game was "in a bad state " which is basically universally agreed on.

At any rate here is the poll link:

With 55000+ votes overwhelmingly saying M2.0 was a bad idea and they dont like it, maybe GBX will remove it and go back to mayhem 4 and remove the mayhem weapon levels etc ?

A man can only dream

Credit goes to @Aaron0000 for first finding this link



Nope, GB does the opposite of what the players want. They want to lose long time supporters, for some reason.


Appreciated, I’ve been trying to find this poll since someone mentioned it another thread a while back.

After writing my reply I realized I don’t dislike mayhem 2.0 as much as I wish the time developing it was spent elsewhere. I understand that there can be different teams and personnel with different assignments, but I would have taken old m4 with better optimization and less bugs over mayhem 2.0


I’ve added my response. Thanks for the link. I like Mayhem and the idea of the extra challenge. It’s the way it’s set up with QA testing issues that is the problem. Adding weapons that work as intended first up without having to nerf them after the fact is one example. Some of the nerfs themselves habe not worked.


(in my opinion) The big two things that mayhem did that was negative was

  1. Completely destroy gear drop rates… (Pretty sure they took old M4 rates and applied them to M10 and then lower level actually got worse from there)
  2. Show how awful gear balance, build viability/choice, and how many things didn’t scale with mayhem (grenades, class mods, action skills, vehicles, etc…)

If the game was in a good place and then they introduced M2.0 I don’t think it would have been such a negative reception… But having all of these broken things in game and then releasing harder difficulties that just accentuate all the flaws makes things horrible. (Personally I haven’t played in weeks due to gear drops… Farming felt pointless when nothing every drops)


I guess m20 would just be 4 very hard modifiers? Aren’t there only like 5 or 6 anyway?

If they add more modifiers to each difficulty rating I’d be up for that.


The modifiers are so gimmicky like, why? And, no.


I have no problems with mayhem 2.0. Where I have a concern is the balancing and lack of viable weapons, gear, and builds at endgame. Plus the game breaking bugs that keep popping in since the release of the game. It just screams that someone on the team is doing a poor job. (Looking at you QA testers) Maybe there’s something going on behind the scenes (they are mistreated, underpaid and overworked) or they are really just incompetent.

A man can only dream

From this point, I’d doubt GBX would take action fixing the game based on the cries and complaints of the community. They have to protect them future sales so they just gotta pretend they are listening. Half ass fixing ■■■■ they broke and make a step forward with seven steps back


Dear Gbox,

You did the right thing here, why can’t we have the same.


I still say TPS is the most balanced.

Anyways I voted that I don’t like Mayhem 2.0. The modifiers suck.


THIS. So much this.


Ok, eff it. Gearbox, go on to Mayhem 3.0 and we won’t talk about Mayhem 2.0 like we don’t talk about Sanctuary II. Make Mayhem 3.0 like the mutator arena. Boom, done! :slight_smile:


maybe the one who implement mayhem modifiers didn’t play pre sequel. lol

Oh it is, for sure. That’s the sad part: the most balanced Borderlands game is the one Gearbox didn’t develop.


Who the hell is Joltzdude?

But anyway, mayhem 2.0 isn’t the problem. The game was in danger of getting stale with M1.0, and revamping the end game was a good idea. The problem is the preposterously bad execution.

Anyone who thinks they’re going to revert to M1.0 is dreaming though. It ain’t gonna happen.


understandable that you don’t heard about him, you said you didn’t watch youtubers.

he is one of the most popular borderlands youtubers with 500k subs, i subbed to him back in the day when he has a few thousand subs for his rocket jumping tutorial in BL2. he is also part of the gbox stream team

Worth noting that 27% of people like mayhem 2.0 and the modifiers. If you asked that 27% of people if they thought that the system was perfect, they would say no it’s not perfect.

Joltz poll also asks for feedback and input on how it can be made better, so I think reading the comments there are what we should actually be focusing on. Thousands of people answering a poll that says yes or no does not give us actual feedback on how the game can improve.


I think the point of this thread is just more so to highlight the fact that Mayhem 2.0 is clearly not well received, and that it isn’t just a “vocal minority” type of situation.

Frankly, would be nice to see Gearbox just admit that the ideas didn’t work and either scrap it or try and find a happy marriage between 1.0 and 2.0 by taking the good parts of each mode. Would be nice if they would admit weapons scaling with each mayhem mode is clearly not working and revert to Mayhem 1.0 enemy scaling, but maybe keep some of the new, more interesting modifiers from 2.0. Also, let people pick the mods they want and IF they want any at all or not.


Yah lol, im trying to say to focus on feedback a bit rather than just taking the idea at face value.